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Payment sent.
I'm not sure but I'm guessing that Sense did change the tube setup from their initial setup. 
  I dunno man but the HE-400s are perfect for EDM. I guess I just have an amp and DAC that matches well, and J$ pads help.
This is amazing:
I believe jerg has recommended taking out the spacers when listening to the pleathers. You might want to try that.
@ Matt:
Got my J$ pads in today as well. Love the comfort and sound.
I listen to a ton of EDM, Rap, R&B and the bass reproduction is on point. If you think there's not enough bass from the HE-400, get a new DAC or AMP. Or your music files are not up to par and are mastered like crap.
  What did you put the bass boost on? It's been recommended not to go past +4.
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