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If you need louder sound from a DS then amping is okay i think, but just like what Wes008 said, it won't really make it any cleaner. But from my experience connecting E7 to DS, the sound quality didn't improve that much and all i did (i think) it was just getting louder. But from my experience, DS audio doesn't only come from the hardware itself, NDS's games have their own kind of audio quality, some are good and some are just okay.. some games would benefit plenty, but...
Hi, I've been wondering which one to purchase, whether it's Senn HD600 or ATH AD900x. I am going to use the headphones to accompany me in my illustration-making job, play games, watching animes, and listening to lots of songs with female vocalists. I am looking for a headphones with top comfort ,since i am going to use them hours a day, and has a nice sound stage to make movies more enjoyable. I like the way ATH AD W1000 sounds like but i don't have enough budget to...
this one's actually helpful, i had some difficulties replacing earpieces in my IEM, thank you very much for the help, really. It works. For me at least.
God please let me win this phone..
recently i noticed there's this crackling sound in my ATH M-50 LE when playing a 30hz sound, this crackling sound came out at 60%-70% volume from the right speaker, did someone know what's happening? Was it just because this 30hz at 70% vol crossed the M50 LE's limit and started up a distortion? Or there something wrong with my beloved cans?  I've been pretty worried about my cans i can't enjoy listening to music this past two days.  (The crackling sound doesn't appear...
hm.. i guess you are right, different people have different preference, sorry sorry, my mistake, well i think i am pretty happy with my current M50 LE, i audited M50 at a local store around my house and i think.. it's a better pair of cans, my LE, so i guess, it is in a good way huh..
Sorry for reviving an old thread, i am a newbie at audio phone, and i've just got my brand new ATH-M50 LE, i've been wondering, is this changing in sonic performance is in a bad way? I mean, they said M50 is for bass head, i just wondering if this LE has lesser bass than the original M50..since i don't understand with the what do you guys mean with, cleaner bass or mids or high, or whatever it is.
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