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Anyway, i couldn't seem to find input impedance of this Ortofon Mhd-q and since sometimes i use this amp with Bifrost, i could seem detect clipping with my Ocharaku Donguri-raku, does my amp has lower output impedance or i'm missing the ratio here?
Hi all, my Kuro just arrived this afternoon, and the first thing i noticed about this iem is that its dark signature and a nasty peak, i'd say i agree with its less peak on vocals, but man somebody please tell me how to control that nasty peak around 5-7 Khz if i'm not mistaken   for the rest it's a wonderful iem, but still STAX 002 maybe a better choice for some people. Both have that dark feeling with them, but SR 002 handle frequency better imo. 
 My Valhalla is the first Valhalla, so i can't really rolling its tubes, which is sad.      650s may not be as demanding as new ToTL headphones, and though i know it's a relic of the past, it does scale better AFAIK with better amps, i wouldn't go as far as saying a certain thousand dollar amp is the best for 650s, but to me, its sound does change from amp to amp, though imo the amount of change one hears is very subjective, to me going from Asgard to Valhalla is a big...
I don't know about Hugo, but i do have  a very brief experience with AK240, biggest soundstage might be not, but it could be quality soundstage.
    Thanks for the kind reminder that i should prioritize enjoying the novelty of owning this cans and listening to musics. I think i could agree with you, probably i just don't enjoy enough using 650s for a certain track, though i do love these cans, i think i just need a bit more air, i thought i could remedy this little flaw i'm not content with with another amp. Or might considering using this with a rather high quality recordings when my favorite artists release...
My current fav is Sugawara Sayuri - Eternal Love Cyua - Real (Or how i spell it?) Sawano Hiroyuki - No differences LiSA - Headphones Actor, Poker Face Haruna Luna - Kisaragi Attention Need Cool Quality - Kodoku Signal ( but man this could do with better recording, or remastered ones, an enjoyable song to my ears )
I nearly pull the trigger for WA6SE for my 650s. I'm using old Valhalla and standard Bifrost to run them, i got the mixed feeling when a music don't play the way i want it, sometimes i found that my Stax SR002s perform better, and worse sometimes my IpodOrtofon Mhd-q>Ocharaku Donguri-raku would bang my head with some songs i couldn't feel the same with when i'm with 650s, i keep wondering whether it's the recording or it's my source component.    I haven't auditioned the...
Sorry if i don't have the answer for the previous thread posts.   I just found out that this Ortofon Mhd-q might be one of those with bigger soundstage in portable amplifier universe, i think it's because its brightness, air, and a rather tube-like sound that it came out like that, just saying. But since i don't have any quality live recordings yet, i think i won't comment about its quality at performing a 'real' soundstage.   Rocking it with my Donguri-raku and i...
Hi everyone, just in case nobody posted it before, i could finally fit a few 'mainstream' iem tips into my SR-002, might better post a pic quickly, i've been so happy i just want to drop the news. Might be a good and cheap replacement for the stock ones. Cheers! nvm, it changes the sound a little bit not to my liking and the process of putting it on is a bit hard, i could accidentally break my cans.
I own Asgard and Hd650, and i think they don't pair nicely. Thankfully i have Valhalla, and i think it's pretty nice though i couldn't enjoy it when i turn the volume up. If you don't get bass on Asgard then there should be something wrong, while i don't really enjoy it, Asgard still drive 650s adequately.
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