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smallest music collection here? i got just under 5 gigs of mp3/alac/flac...
the jbl lsr305 run around $400 in canada   my vote goes for the rokits (cheaper) or jbls, best to listen to them beforehand (there should be plenty of shops in the major cities)
thought this would be interesting to you guys:  
 ive tried the focals and the bass was barely present since they're neutral headphones 
  best part...
 theres a review/comparison of the arx, cbm-170, and wharfedales on the avs forum speaker section
how close do you have the speakers backed up against the wall, since their rear ported?
but will the hosa cable have a split (at the 1/4 plug side) long enough to reach the 2 speakers? (eg. if it splits 1 feet from end, speakers can only be 2 feet apart)     another way: if we use a 3.5mm te dual female rca   then a rca to xlr cable to each monitor   will this work...
my vote goes for the klipsch s4, since they're easy to find from a authorized dealer so you can get warranty if they go defective
tell us what you listen too- might narrow stuff down
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