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Anyone else out there seriously hoping for an A5 MkII, to work in conjunction with the X5, which has full balanced amplification capability? Only other option is the X7 with AM3 but that seems quite limited in terms of output
What's the latest view on GOv2+ reliability. Other than horror stories about LH Labs customer service, also worried by stories of units bombing out either out of the box or randomly within a few weeks/months.
Anyone know if the amp is fully balanced or (like similarly priced devices such as the Fostex) if it is pseudo balanced?
Hi all. From everything I have been reading, this does not have the best synergy with the HD800. However, I'm not sure if that comes predominantly from the DAC section or from the amp section. Has anyone tried the Jot purely as an amp for the HD800, paired up with a warm-sounding DAC?
For those that have heard both this and the Jotunheim, how do the sonic signatures compare? From what I have read, the Jot has quite a cold, sometimes harsh sound (hence not pairing well with the likes of the HD800); is the Fostex warmer / fuller or similar in sound character?
I am looking for a Violetric V181 balanced headphone amp (no DAC). Must be in good condition, preferably with original box/manual. Can arrange shipping from anywhere.   Please PM me if you have one and are considering selling.   Thanks X
Hi all. Wanted to ask if anyone has had more opportunity to listen to this amp paired with the HD800 and what their impressions were in terms of synergy. The HPA03B is meant to have some warmth to it, which can possibly offset some of the HD800's edge?
Does anyone perhaps have these and the Meze 99 with the new larger pads? Worried about the small openings of the Fostex - the 99 just fit with ears touching pads on inside and against the driver fabric. Ideally wanted a headphone where the ears don't touch. (Alpha pads an option though would prefer not to have to change)
I'm also enjoying the HD800 with SW together with the Elear. I've been thinking though, what profile may work well with the Focal?
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