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Located in South Africa but price includes express shipping anywhere in the world.
Further price reduction
Hi All. I am looking for a balanced Audeze cable. Ideally silver or silver plated copper. Will consider the likes of Toxic Cable, Q-Audio French Silk, Norne and Forza Audio. Must be at least 2m long and terminated in a 4-pin XLR. To be shipped to London so needs to be from the UK or EU. Max price is €150 / £120. If you have something like the above and are considering selling please let me know. Thanks X
I am looking for a good balanced headphone cable for an Audeze LCD-2: - Ideally terminated with a 4-pin XLR, but would consider dual 3-pin  - At least 6ft in length - Must be located in Europe (preferably the UK) as I am visiting London shortly - Max price is £150 - Must be a decent, reputable brand (such as FAW, Toxic Cable, Norne, Q-Cables, etc.)   Please PM me if you have such a cable and are considering selling    Thanks X
Price reduced.
Up for sale is a virtually new set of Forza Audio Works Noir HPC Mk2 Balanced HD800 cables. They are made using ultra high purity 26AWG cryo 7N UPOCC copper wire in a proprietary 4x2 Litz geometry and PE insulation. The newer Mk2 design has improved flexibility, anti-oxidation coating, superior EMI reduction and reduced stereo crosstalk.  The cable is as new - just a few months old and used maybe 5 times, with original pouch and warranty card. It is 2.5m long terminated in...
Priced dropped
Still regarded as one of the great headphone amplifiers. Fully balanced circuitry – can take both balanced and single ended inputs. Three gain levels. Excellent cross-feed capability. Also has full pre-amp capability. Full-bodied, articulate, ample power for any headphone (well over 3W at 32 ohm) – can power anything from IEMs to dynamic headphones to ortho / planar cans. It can power one balanced headphone or two single-ended headphones (concurrently). Comes with the...
Hi All. I am after a USB cable, A to B, 0.75-1.0m in length. I am particularly interested in the Audioquest Carbon, Cardas Clear or Wireworld Starlight.   Looking for one in the UK (or somewhere in Europe, to be shipped to the UK).   Please PM me if you have one and are considering selling.   Thanks X
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