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Only potential contender for imaging / soundstage is the AKG K1000
 I believe the difference - and the reason for this - is that brands typically do not exist in all countries / regions. In the example of GE, it is a very large global organisation with presence in virtually all countries. With audio brands however, they rely on importers/distributors through which sales and support for a particular region or country need to be channelled.  Take a look at almost all audio brand website; they will have a listing of a) resellers, typically...
Seems like a good stand for distributing pressure across the headband. The likes of the Woo stand worry me given the small surface area and pressure on the middle of the headband. Suppose it's always a compromise between long term bending/compression of the headband or of the ear cups
 Very promising descriptions; I enjoy my SonarWorks EQ'd HD800 (non-S) but still miss some body and deep bass (quantity, impact and "thump"). Are there other headphones you can perhaps compare the Z1R's bass to in terms of these qualities? Seismic bass I have only heard from the likes of the JVC DX1000 (albeit honky and as coloured as a Caravaggio) and V-Moda Crossfade (albeit in a completely different league altogether). The LCD 2/3 have depth but didn't find them as...
For anyone that has listened to both, how would you compare the bass depth, impact and overall quality between the Z1R and the Elear?
Looking for a 1-1.5m Wireworld Starlight 7 USB cable, A-B. Preferably in UK, or in Europe (to ship to UK). If you have one and want to sell please let me know. Thanks X
Hi All   Has anyone compared headphones cables made as 4-wire and cables made as 8-wire (from the same or similar conductors) - either from one of the aftermarket cable producers or DIY?   Interested in your views on whether you heard any discernible differences. I see a lot of manufacturers have entry- to mid-level cables which are 4-wire; and their higher end ranges use the same conductors but as 8 (or sometimes even 12) wire. Whereas there are some that believe...
I would opt for the Elear. Bass punches quite hard though a little less than the LCD; but bass is cleaner and quicker. The dynamism of the Elear though is what makes it my recommendation for electronic.
Anything using the Eidolic E3.5GT1 from what I can tell. Not aware of any other connectors that "should" fit the Elear without modification.
Still interested in hearing if anyone has compared a silver-plated copper to a pure silver cable with the Elear?
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