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Hi All. I am after a USB cable, A to B, 0.75-1.0m in length. I am particularly interested in the Audioquest Carbon, Cardas Clear or Wireworld Starlight.   Looking for one in the UK (or somewhere in Europe, to be shipped to the UK).   Please PM me if you have one and are considering selling.   Thanks X
Question to those who have cables with 3-pin XLRs (balanced headphone or interconnects) - do you have preference for any one of the available connectors? That is, between the Furutech, Neutrik and ViaBlue. In terms of sound, build quality, and fit.
I could handle "not fast" - more than 3 weeks of silence, no. Seems quite a common trend on Head-Fi when something becomes popular without scalability....think Apuresound, Single Power, et al.
Exchanged a few emails at the beginning of Feb to discuss cable options. After Feb 5th, it went quiet with no answers to my emails. Followed up 2 weeks ago, and again 2 days ago - silence. 
Hi all. Quick question - has anyone perhaps compare the Noir to the Claire, in particular for the HD800? Were there discernible differences?
Has anyone perhaps compared this UD-501 to the UD-301? Used purely as a DAC, other than the filters and 384khz capability, are there any differences (functionally or sonically)?
Hi all. Sorry for bumping up a pretty old thread. I wanted to ask a quick question about the noise issues that were experienced on some of the Wadia 121's - just to confirm, was this only when using the headphone output and USB input? If USB input was used in DAC-only mode (using the analogue RCA or XLR outputs) were there no noise issues?   Cheers X
Hi all. I wanted to ask if anyone has heard the HD800's through the Marantz HD-DAC1? It seems to have quite a competent amp section (approx. 270mW at 300 ohm) - not an afterthought - which may make it a good all in one DAC/amp option. I am wondering if it does justice to the HD800s relative to dedicated headphone amps.   Cheers X
So to those that have listened to the HD800s via the HD-DAC1, does it do the headphones justice (relative to other deducates headphone amps)?
Up for sale is a mint condition Headroom BUDA - the Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp. Is has no more than a few hundred hours on it. Pairs beautifully with pretty much any headphone I've thrown at it, the HD800 in particular. Comes with the dedicated power supply and umbilical cord, as well as original manual.    This is a very flexible amp; you can use both balanced and unbalanced inputs (for the latter there is a built-in phase splitter to create a balanced signal...
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