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Hi all   I have decided to part with my Nordost Heimdall RCA interconnects. These are, bar none, the best cables I have had the pleasure of hearing and owning. When I was looking for cables I read about the speed and transparency from Nordost cables but was worried they would be bright (which I am particularly sensitive to). I followed a hunch after speaking to some colleagues that said the Heimdall was the pick of the bunch, as it maintained speed and transparency but...
I am watching closely and awaiting the K812. Whilst many new technologies may be out there, it is sometimes good to go back to basic....I firmly believe that a dynamic driver still has much to offer and hopefully AKG can optimize and maximize this.   In regard to people climbing the ranks then disappearing - I am one of those. I went quiet after about a decade. Not because of speakers really, but because of priorities. Take a look at profiles, photos etc. of many of the...
Can anyone speculate how these will perform with the likes of the HRT MicroStreamer? I know orthos generally need a lot of juice, but wonder if - akin to how the Audeze LCD3 apparently worked brilliantly with the MicroStreamer (per the Positive Feedback review) - if the AD will perform similarly well with it.
Still available.
Hi all. Quite a lot of interest. Please note that I am not interested in any trades at the moment. Thanks X
Hi all. I have reduced the price to $890 for a quick sale. That is over $400 (more than 30%) off new price for what is, for all intents and purposes, a brand new set of 8A's. 
I have reduced the price to $980 so as to cover the $70 remoulding fee from Heir.
Up for sale is a brand new pair of Heir Audio 8A’s. I have had them for under a week so these are literally brand new, with less than 2 hours of use. They are in perfect condition, with all the original packaging and bits and pieces. The shell is Amber finished with Amboyna Burl, and it includes the Magnus 1 cable   Why the sale? I have owned over 30 pairs of headphones over the past decade, and decided to dip my toes into CIEM’s. While they sound truly spectacular...
Interesting - not finding any information on where this departs from the Explorer. In other words, what's the difference / benefit etc.
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