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 Great headphones... vastly underrated. Seems like it's sold out now. How much were they going for?
 The price of the T1 just keeps on plummeting, which makes me wonder how much they'll be around Black Friday of this year. Too bad used prices in the FS forums are not dropping to reflect the new market value - or maybe that's a good thing as I might have already bought one if they did.
Thanks for catching the typo! The Zpre2 preamplifier is on sale. Apologies for confusion. :)
Looking to sell my Parasound Zpre2 preamplifier in great condition. I bought this on an impulse about a week ago, and it's a great little unit that pairs well with my Zdac but it's also total overkill for my desktop system. Works and plays perfectly - the only cosmetic flaw I can see is one minor scuff below the "A" in the Parasound logo (please see photographs for details).   MSRP for the Parasound Zpre2 is $400.00. I am asking for $SOLD plus shipping/Paypal; a steep...
 This post is made of win.
102.3 lbs 221.92 lbs 619 lbs   Edit: Sorry, did not see the first decimal place specification. That means numbers should be:   102.3 lbs 221.9 lbs 619.0 lbs   Hope entry is still okay.
Quote: Back again. Also one available for $249.99 plus $6.49 shipping from a trader that has 90% positive feedback.
I was referring to the F5. They should be going for about $550/pair street price right now, so not too bad in terms of affordability. If you shop around by emailing some retailers (SonicSense, Zzounds, etc), they might be able to offer you an even lower price, as there are restrictions that prevent them from advertising a price below the MSRP.  My new F7's are coming tomorrow, and my new preamp is coming today. I can't wait - it's going to be a great week!
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