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I don't have a stock LCD2/3 cable handy, and I wanted to check if the XLR connectors at the headphones are 3 pin or 4 pin? And what is the layout?   Thanks, Mike
I have a matched pair of Tung-Sol 6EW7 I would like to sell. I forget what I paid for them, so anyone know what a fair price is?
I'm mainly interested in what kind of cables you, personally, use, if you have a separate transport and DAC, so I can get a feeling for what is most common.
Please note, I'm mainly interested in a poll of what types people are using, as well as comments about how well it works. So if you are using a digital cable, please let me know.   Mike
thanks for the tip
For those using a separate transport and DAC with their computer, and therefore the need to route a S/PDIF cable between them, I would like to know what kind you are using and what you feel is best?   The types I'm thinking of are   optical coaxial (RCA connectors) coaxial (XLR) coaxial (BNC) something else I'm not aware of?   Also let me know what DAC and transport you are using. I would like to get a feel for what equipment and cables...
I didn't register for this meet as a member of the trade, but recently there became a possibility that I could become a vendor for a headphone amp, a highly modified Bravo. Do members of the trade pay something to set up at the meet? Right now I have a table for my personal collection and I wasn't intending to use it for this amp. But, If I were to carry this amp to some of the other member's tables for them to try out, would that be improper unless I pay a fee?   Mike
I'm going to be bringing a modified Bravo, a little $79 headphone amp that has enough power to drive even speakers. With mods it's a gem. The only problem is that I'll need some kind of convertor from AKG K1000 4-pin XLR to 1/4" TRS. Maybe someone has one, or I can work up one.   That also reminds me... what connector does the HE6 use?  Maybe the Bravo can drive one of those.   Mike
People are really nice at these meets, for sure.   If you like a system, post a writeup about it! I would also encourage people to listen to items that maybe aren't so popular or "hot."
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