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Post above me should be a sticky.
I like Eucariote's idea: Quote: Originally Posted by eucariote But it does get a little tiring have to re-explain the fundamentals any time someone new logs on as to why one 'I hear a difference' is not enough to settle any issue. Perhaps a better idea is to have a sticky outlining the tenets of hypothesis testing (much like headphone faqs) so discussions don't return to first principles every fifth post.
Arbitrarily declaring yourself correct, throwing the word "science" around and trying to silence those that "question" your opinion? That is the definition of bigotry, not open and robust scientific debate.
Are you sure your multimeter measures true RMS? Also, you might like to convert your Vrms reading to dB to get a better basis of comparison. If you want to get a more accuracte reading you can connect your amp's output to a computer soundcard's input and use something like Rightmark Audio Analyser to run a gauntlet of tests. Ofcourse, you'll want your soundcard to be accurate enough.
There's plenty of that in all the non-SoundScience forums.
It'd be more convincing that some headphones are so much more resolving than other headphones if it was substantiated by something, or compared to some other condition. For example, getting a good $20 headphone and a good $2000 headphone and equalising them accurately to match the individual's perceptually-flat ear response, and comparing them that way. The most variable factor between headphones is the frequency response. Differences in distortion, noise, etc are...
You should tell them that adding 200mb of (redundant) zero-byte padding to the header of the WAV file will give the DAC a chance to "calm down" before playing the audio, and that it results in audio nirvana. Do it for the children.
Quote: Originally Posted by 3602 So using just what kind of equipment can you clearly, easily, effortlessly, get-it-right-the-first-time-ly distinguish FLAC (lossless) and 320k MP3 (high quality lossy)? About 400 ears all hooked up together with sheeps intestine. It has to be sheep. Cow intestine does NOT work so don't even bother.
Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink [snip] When it's put forward that their appreciation of the sound of a particular component is being influenced by the price tag, the prestige or the snazzy appearance of the component, major offence is taken. Know thyself first! I totally agree. I've been mislead by "placebo" even in one case where I was trying extremely hard not to be influenced by it. It made no difference, and only later did I find out...
Quote: Originally Posted by eucariote ...So you could exactly fit the techniques and statistics of that paper to a test of two cables delivering emotionally significant music and arrive at an answer of cable efficacy in conscious, unconscious and aesthetic experience. Maybe you'll even get it published in Nature The example you cited is a good example of the point I'm trying to make. The subject in your example couldn't consciously tell the two...
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