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Interesting stuff. I wonder if it's correct about the DAC filter being benign in that scenario, though. If you have two filters in series, won't the inaccuracies of the the poorer filter still pass through the filter chain, even if the other filter is much higher fidelity?
Not sure about the new DT-990s, but the original DT-990 are not open phones. They were closed but had two small ports in the rear.   I haven't heard a single really open headphone where bass remains balanced but powerful down to 25hz, not at any price range. I doubt its possible.
+1 for GS1000. They're in their own league when it comes to low volume.
Quote: Originally Posted by RonaldDumsfeld Not any more mate. All the devices mentioned so far utilise asynchronous USB. The OP knew this. vis AFAIK, Windows doesn't even support this without a custom driver, at least not in the way I suggested.
One possible advantage for firewire is that the clock master can be the DAC. For USB, it's almost always the host, and then the DAC has to deal with relocking and all of that jitter-related stuff. With firewire, if implemented well, jitter becomes a non-issue. Leeperry: galvanic isolation is cheap. It can implemented on the DAC pretty easily, and in fact it's probably better to do it that way.
Quote: Originally Posted by nattonrice I just checked the web site and I assume you have the transformer box? You'll need that to connect the headphones to any speaker power amp afaik. I don't have the transformer any more. These are heavily modded, they can be driven directly from some power amps. The bal. b22s should do well.
At the moment, single plug 4-pin XLR. I'll reterminate to whatever though. How much voltage can the b24 put out? This thing needs 50Vpp to get loud. The impedance ranges between infinite at DC and 50 ohms at the top.
Hi guys. Great to hear there's a new meet happening. I'm keen to attend. As for equipment, I can bring a pair of Taket H2 which have just had a major structural and electrical overhaul. They can now be driven directly from a powerful speaker amp, so I'm curious to hear them driven by one of the balanced b22s I might also be able to bring a DAC of my own design, which is currently at the assembly stage. Hopefully enough of it will be finished by the date of the meet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chef What you seem to be preaching is not doing any kind of testing at all, but still spending money... I'm not sure how it's even possible that what I wrote could be interpreted in this way. This is the exact opposite of what I've been saying. Quote: Originally Posted by eucariote No need to The only important measure in hypthesis testing is the distribution of results (here, choice responses). ...
Quote: Originally Posted by JxK To be honest, that's something I never understood about people who buy "audiophile" cables but refuse to ABX them to see how much they help. We all want to improve our systems, but have limited funds to do so. So then why in the world would an "audiophile" not perform such a test? I don't buy audiophile cables and such, but I can offer the following general line of reasoning, since this applies to audio generally:...
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