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Can you cite some evidence for this? Namely that the same album is mastered twice - once for vinyl and once for CD.
Jazz, you have more patience than a swami. After I read the post you're replying to, I could only sit there and wonder how someone can make such an argument and not have their brain just give up and evacuate their skull. Seriously. Wow.
I came across some software that can do this a while ago. Can't remember the name anymore, but it wasn't free. Mind you the result won't be as good as measuring real HRTF with in-ear microphones. And then there are about 50 terrible ones.
I noticed another measurement in this thread that didn't have the terrible crosstalk of the first measurement. It's possible all or part of the original results were due to it being a defective unit.
I read several neuroscience imaging papers some time ago concluding that wavelet resampling was superior to fourier resampling in several ways in that field. I wonder if anyone's adapted wavelet-based algorithms to audio resampling?
  The roll-off in a NOS DAC is caused by the fundamental nature of square waves (which is what an unfiltered NOS DAC produces as output) versus sine waves of the same fundamental frequency. Even if the output is low-pass filtered at 20khz, the roll-off will still be there. Sometimes the output is filtered to keep funny things from happening further down the chain (instability or slew-limiting in the amplifier or output stage, damage to sensitive tweeters, etc), but it's...
If the voltages shown in your first post are accurate, then yes.
Seems to me the roll-off is due to using the 1704 without oversampling. The roll-off pattern certainly matches NOS response very closely, and doesn't look like poor analog fltering, since filtering that bad would have to be done intentionally. I personally don't like NOS but some people do.   On the other hand, there's no justification for such poor crosstalk for such an expensive player. It's so bad that I thought it must be intentional, but then they could just as...
Although the HD800 might have excellent quality bass, it doesn't have the deepest:   Notice the 2 higher curves between 20-50hz are closed headphones, and not even the best example of bass depth in closed phones.     Also, as far as bass depth goes, open headphones hit a limit largely due to their enclosure:   The ideal response would be more in line with the 100hz peak being at 0dB instead of 5dB like you find with the open phones, smoothly rising to...
Quote: No, the pre-2005 models were not open. As I said, they were closed and had two small ports in the rear. My info comes from opening them up. I don't know about the newer model. I'd be willing to bet though that if it is fully open, it doesn't have the same deep bass that the earlier models did.
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