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 I'm pretty sure that those Hay Bale Sessions are one-off recordings from Bonaroo. If you play around with the YouTube link, you'll find other Hale Bay Sessions from other artists that you may enjoy. This was my first run in with these recordings as well and I found the production value amazingly high for a live set on YouTube. Please let us know if you find any other Sessions that should be on our collective lists.
One of the most fascinating aspects of music is that a single song can mean the world to one person and yet the exact same song can mean nothing to someone else. I believe that's one of the primary tenets of making art. I'm bummed that this is getting mixed reviews but when I write these features, it's my goal to share something new and something that moves you. If you don't feel it one month, hopefully the next piece will touch you. But I'm not a mind reader and so if...
So damn proud of you! It's not just anyone who appears on the homepage over there. Hat's off sir!
So we all know finding a lost CIEM is not like finding a lost pair of Grado's. You can't just pop them into your ears and enjoy. (That would be gross and wrong.) So what do you do?   Well, if the lost set happens to be Ultimate Ears, hop online and enter the ID # and get a reward. Not only do you reunite the lost set with the exasperated owner (Oh why did I leave them on the plane.... What was I thinking....) but you get something more than just good karma for your...
  Yeah. I'm going there. I'm putting Portugal. The Man in the same artistic category as Ziggy Stardust. And if that sounds too bold or if you don't believe me, put on your favorite headphones and listen to this live set from Bonnaroo 2013. Then tell me I'm wrong.         You got goosebumps listening to that last song. Didn't you? This band is the real deal. In so many ways.   All four tracks heard on the Hay Bale Sessions were from the latest album...
Well said Med.   Jerry Harvey.   It does feel good.
I had no idea that Jambox licensed the internals from Soundmatters / FoxL. Thank you for the clarification. Nonetheless, I still believe that Jambox popularized the concept and enabled it to reach a mass market adoption rate.
Part III was my favorite. Well done indeed.  
WOW! I'm late in seeing this piece. Thank you Joe for posting this. Fascinating.   And while I have no idea where the future of headphones is trending (honestly said as an industry insider) I do need to shine a spotlight on the innovations and contributions of Jawbone. They turned the industry upside down with the introduction of the Jambox. While everyone else was focused on making a better widget, they went outside the box and asked an even bigger question. The way...
I'm learning things that I didn't even know! Hat's off to Marv for making this happen. And for transcribing all of this so accurately.
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