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Great question Warren. I don't know off the top of my head but I'll find out. And the image doesn't necessarily have to incorporate the head-fi logo. It can be anything that we'd actually want to buy and wear. But it would only be available to community members and only for a limited run so we'd all know what it meant- even without a logo. Think of it like beyond black card.
So Jude and I were brainstorming over Hot Pot the other day and I threw out the idea of an exclusive Head-Fi community faceplate — something that was designed by the community for the community. We'd offer it as complimentary artwork on any of our custom in-ears (except for the UE-4.) If anyone is interested in participating, please post your original artwork on this thread and we'll choose our top 3 favorites and then we can make a community vote. If this is fun and...
Hi everybody —   Most of our posts are about sharing with the community whether we're offering a special promotional deal or simply providing a bit of industry insight. But this post is different. This one is about asking for help.   We're working on our new website and we need pictures of audiophiles listening to their UE's. We don't have any one particular image in mind so if anyone reading this would like to be part of our next evolution, please feel free to post...
I know that for the most part, Astell & Kern is known and revered amongst audiophiles but did you know that the player is a favorite with sound designers as well?    Please take a look at our most recent UE University post by sound engineer Kenn Richards.     Power, Portability and Translation - UERM & AK120     Power, portability and translation — the triumvirate of the modern producer / mixer. Power and portability are self-explanatory, translation means: am I...
 Hi Eric — This bundle is for the original series. Shall we keep on talking? Feel free to ping me at my work email. 
Let's not forget that this bundle deal covers the 100MK2 as well.   
Hey there. If you look closely at all of our UE cables, there is no Y joint so left and right are always separate until the jack. Now that there are more players on the market that have balanced output jacks, we'll be releasing multiple versions for the community. But for now, the only way to get the balanced cable is through the special. One more thing for cases like yours. If you already have a UE and AK combo, here's all that you have to do. Get a friend to sign up for...
Through UE custom direct.
Hi, the UERM is indeed the Capitol studios reference monitor. And I must have missed the PM, I'll look now. Please excuse the delay.
 Absolutely. Just let us know what you want and we'll take care of it. The only thing that will be excluded from this bundle is additional artwork. Can I connect you directly with one of our reps? Please feel free to just PM me or to reach me at mdias@logitech.com Many thanks
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