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Hey there. If you look closely at all of our UE cables, there is no Y joint so left and right are always separate until the jack. Now that there are more players on the market that have balanced output jacks, we'll be releasing multiple versions for the community. But for now, the only way to get the balanced cable is through the special. One more thing for cases like yours. If you already have a UE and AK combo, here's all that you have to do. Get a friend to sign up for...
Through UE custom direct.
Hi, the UERM is indeed the Capitol studios reference monitor. And I must have missed the PM, I'll look now. Please excuse the delay.
 Absolutely. Just let us know what you want and we'll take care of it. The only thing that will be excluded from this bundle is additional artwork. Can I connect you directly with one of our reps? Please feel free to just PM me or to reach me at Many thanks
 ehhhhhh. Great catch. Our bad. That image is being adjusted ASAP. The pricing is actually: UE-18 with the AK120: $2000UE-RM with the AK120: $1800 Thanks (PRICING FIXED NOW IN THE ORIGINAL BANNER)
Or maybe you prefer the A&K120???  
Pair a UE-RM or a UE-18 with the AK240 and hear what you've been missing. Click below for more details.  
 Hi John — thank you for reaching out. What a way to connect over time and space. I become fascinated with the history of it all when I started doing this research and I think that it's amazing you have these records. All of us on this thread would love to hear your thoughts on them. I'll reach out directly tomorrow and later on this evening the moderators will remove your personal contact information. But please let's keep sharing and talking. Mike
2 LOST A&K120 SD CARDS — PLEASE HELP   Hi everyone — this is unfortunate and I'd like to bring this to the community for help. Drew from Moon Audio had sent us cables, amps, and 2 A&K units for everyone to demo in his absence. I had sent everything back to him right after the show and last night, he pinged me to ask if I had any knowledge about 2 missing SD cards from one of his A&K units.    Below are the some of the demo songs that they had on them.   If and when...
Hi all. Sorry for being late on this one. Lots on the plate. Anyways, we made balanced cables for the 240's that will work with any of our monitors. Really, all we changed was the jack since our cables are home run separately anyways but the jack takes advantage of the 240 balanced option. If anyone who has a 240 wants them, ping me at and I'll route you to the right place.
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