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Warren, you're about to make my dream come true. Tell us how much and where to send the checks. 
Sorry for the double post but there was one more thing that I wanted to share about the 900s. They won Best in Show at Summer NAMM in Nashville a few weeks back. That's like winning a Grammy in our world for touring gear.    
If anyone wants to buy the 900s directly from Ultimate Ears in Irvine (where we make all of the CIEM's) just ping us at customsales@ultimateears.com  If anyone is worried about anything, why not buy them directly from the lab that is legendary for our customer service. And here's a good one to prove to the community just how committed we are to the 900s. If anyone buys a new set of customs from us (the 4's included — which we now all know are digitally detailed and 3D...
Or better yet, can WE ALL show up to CanJam wearing I'm with Jude shirts?
If the Jude design doesn't win, can we turn it into a shirt? Can I show up to CanJam wearing an "I'm with Jude" shirt? 
Did everything get resolved? Odd that you didn't hear back. All those inquires drop into zen desk and we grab those non stop. Sorry about that.
Cool. I'm good to wait. I just didn't want anyone to lose interest or to think we weren't paying attention. Shall we say July 31st or august 15th? There really is some great stuff happening.
I'm really liking everything that's been posted so far. A few things to note for designing in-ears. Since no faceplate is identical to any other, designing within a boarder won't work. Squares like what orel1994 did or like what phil93 linked out to (below) allow us to incorporate the image for any ear shape. This is what we end up doing with user submitted artwork by the way. Half the battle of making it look good is to know how and where to place the features in...
I think I just saw these ship out in Friday... Can't wait to hear why you think.
Yeah, this HF faceplate will be available worldwide. I'm liking the excitement around the idea. We just thought it would be a fun thing to offer for the community. Let's see some more concepts and designs.
New Posts  All Forums: