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Well, they get more head time than my Vintage RS1s and my HF2s combined.  These days i try not to do to much critical listening and just enjoy the music ... otherwise i end up spending too much money on things i didn't know i needed :P
it's mahogany of some description i believe, and magnum v4s iirc.
 Well, if by 'finished' you mean that i have no more i want to do to them, then no, they aren't ... but that's not to say that i'm not listening to them on a daily basis. I made up some temporary grilles out of a couple of computer fan guards, to at least make them look semi presentable as opposed to gaping holes in the ends.  I'm not too keen on they way they look to be honest, but i haven't yet gotten around to stripping and repainting the domed ones that i salvaged.    
Sorry not replied for a while. Had some issues with the lacqer so i had to sand back down to bare wood and start again with the shellac. Weather has gotten pretty cold again so i havn't been doing too much lately, although i probably have enough coats to be presentable, but not quite as finished looking as the pics before. Might put a few more coats on before i reassemble them. Also need to strip the paint from the grilles and respray them.In my case a little...
3x 1920*1080 ... so 5760*1080. I play most games with bezel correction at 6038*1080, although you only see 5760, the extra pixels are hidden behind the monitors' bezels so that diagonal lines look right.
Just changed to:
Thanks all, pretty happy with them so far, although i'm doing some remedial work on one of them, the other i've put some satin lacqer on which has taken the glass like shine right off, i'll see about taking some photos later.   Yes outdoors, in evening daylight.  In an ideal world I think it's best on a bright overcast day, so there's no direct sunlight to cast hard shadows.  An SLR is ideal, but not essential (SLRs or other larger format - ie, bigger than a point and...
Well the gods of procrastination have finally smiled and i've started to finish (...erm) these at last.  I've had the shellac mixed up (it comes in dry flakes that disolve in spirits) for ages, but never got around to taking the cans apart to paint it on.   Anyway, so far these have had five or six coats, sanded down between most coats (some i gave two applications between sandings).  I reckon i'll need another coat or two, and at least one more sanding as i have a...
It needed to be enlarged afterwards on the lathe.  i could probably have used a 44 but didn't want to chance it being too big and the driver falling all the way in.
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