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Hello all-   I am looking for a headset that I can use with my mobile phone, that covers both ears and that would be used SOLELY for calls. This does not need to be bale to play music nor does it need the type of sound that music warrants.   So far I have found the: Jabra PRO 9465 Duo, but its quite expensive and has not gotten the best reviews.   Any ideas?   Thanks!
 Will look into these...thanks.
Well I guess "bassy" is a given...but looking for the less poppy, more dark/evil sounding material.   Interested in what your favorite produced albums and DJ sets are in the genre.
Own the very few albums in these genres and would like to pick up a couple of the must-haves. Already own the following:   Phutureprimitive-Sub Conscious (I think this album is a masterpiece) Yggdrasil-Prose Edda (some good tracks here but much of it I find uninspiring and boring) Kuba-Random Precision (has some nice reggae influences; solid album) Ott-Blumenkraft and Sklon (both fantastic) And virtually everything by Shpongle.   Looking for more of the...
Dont stop...dont ever stop!   Keep em coming...   Some feedback for you: in this particular space, I either love the band, or cant stand them. Reason being, some have a little edge, most are downright annoying (to me). I bought In Ghost Colours but cant seem to get into Cut Copy...the singer bothers me.   Is there any music in this genre thats just a bit darker and not so poppy? More like the Presets, Ghostland Obersvatory, Does it Offend You Yeah and maybe even...
In this pop-lock video on YoutTube (which is dope, fyi)- Anyone know what the songs are at 3:45 and 7:20?  
Wow; thank you.   A bit to much for me to sift through here...   Can you give me 2-3 of the "must-haves" of the above?   I like that Empire has this groovy-disco vibe to it but also enjoy the slightly harder/darker/dancier stuff, ala The Presets too.
  Wow ZMIN-nice thread revival.   Thanks for reminding me how annoyed I was about this a year ago and inadvertently providing a resurgence of that annoyance, today!
Ive lived here my whole life and still seem to constantly miss great events/shows.
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