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I love these headphones. Inexspensive, killer bass and solid soundstage. Great for all musical tastes. That said, I just went through my 4th pair in two years. The build quality is horrible.   Can you recommend something similar from a sound sig persepctive, sub $75?   Thanks.
I only own Elephant and De Stijl by TWS. I prefer the harder, crunchier, tuned-down material (like "Little Acorns" and "black Math")   What should I get next and, what other bands should I be looking at?
This is old news but just managed to get tix to the Roseland show in NYC on Feb 15th.   This lineup is absurd.   Pretty stoked.
Id like for the songs of a particular to blend into one another, without any pause and/or stopping sound in between them. Is there a way to do this within itunes?
I see that there is a cross-fader under preferences but how do I do it for just a specific albums?
  Am using Windows; I clicked on it under "controls" and it does nothing. It simply doesnt work.   I tried ctrl+L as well and that doesnt work too.
Cant seem to find it anywhere....
Great stuff guys-thanks!
  Nice list Metal; very diverse. Been meaning to get something from New order for about....20 years now.
Michael Nyman Philip Glass Max Richter Eric Serra
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