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In this pop-lock video on YoutTube (which is dope, fyi)- Anyone know what the songs are at 3:45 and 7:20?  
Wow; thank you.   A bit to much for me to sift through here...   Can you give me 2-3 of the "must-haves" of the above?   I like that Empire has this groovy-disco vibe to it but also enjoy the slightly harder/darker/dancier stuff, ala The Presets too.
  Wow ZMIN-nice thread revival.   Thanks for reminding me how annoyed I was about this a year ago and inadvertently providing a resurgence of that annoyance, today!
Ive lived here my whole life and still seem to constantly miss great events/shows.
Really enjoying the new album. I find it a little too poppy at times, but the rest is really melodic, disco-influenced synth.   Already a big fan of:   The Presets The Faint Does it Offend You Yeah Ghostland Observatory LCD Soundsystem Fischerspooner   Other groups I should look into?
  Good point; id like to stay below $200.   I need to something with a fully extended mic...   Something more conducive to a work environment-meaning, slightly smaller ear-pads and easier to take on and of/slide off one ear when I need to hear someone in the office speak.
Could really use some help with this; anyone have any recommendations?
Forgive me guys but I have no idea where to post this question and if people can even help me with this type of product, but figured id take a shot:   Looking for a wireless headset that can be used with both my mobile phone and land-line, that covers both my ears (as my office is loud) and has noise cancellation properties too. Since it will be used predominantly for phone use, a good mic is critical.   Ideally the ear coverings are not too large that i cant...
Oh yes:     http://nineinchnails.tumblr.com/post/51585462200/ive-been-less-than-honest-about-what-ive-really
I don't know about you but what a pleasure it is to hear that familiar Aaron Harris drum tap...   "Patagonia":   http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/15371-palms-patagonia/
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