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Bigshot-excellent reply/reco as usual but I think this may overwhelm me a bit. Even though its dirt cheap I am am going to see fi I like any other works and hten come back and get this in the future. Thanks again. LV-points taken and thank you for the recos. So does Baroque tend to not focus on melody? I am a pure Romantic/post-Romantic/Modern listener and know very little about the Classical or Baroque periods. That said, I am by no means looking for the "easier to...
  I had no idea. I know NOTHING about Bach...and find this piece to be incredibly beautiful.   What would you suggest I start with considering my feelings about this one piece?
All it says on Amazon is "Stuttgarter Kamme Rochester/Karl Munchinger".    Is Munchinger the composer?
Tix go on sale in ten minutes...anyone know what it is?
Ive never tried the complies...are they any more difficult/cumbersome to use than silicones?   What about tri-flanges? Ive never tried these either but was thinking they might create a tighter seal.
I don't know if I just have abnormally large ear canals or if i'm just looking for a more snug fit but for some reason, all of the largest silicone tips are still a tad too small for me.   Are there any extra-large ones? Should I be considering some other solution?   I am presently using the Brainwavz M-2's.
Love Glitch Mob; thanks.     Heard/have most but a few I have never seen before; thanks. Keep hearing the name Alpha but have never picked any of their material up...
 Interesting choices Rubber Duk! I am already a big fan of the Knife but have not heard of the latter two. Android Lust seems to be Industrial/Electro, while the BF&E is reminiscent of Enya...albeit a bit synthier (if thats even a word).   Which AL album should I start with?
Im really looking for dark trip-hop ala Massive Attack but I find that other than Portishead, everything else pales in comparison and/or is too "poppy". So, i'm opening my search up to any sub-genre of electronica; prefer the darker more minimal (yet still complex) material thats counter-balanced by a beautiful female voice (could be male too).   been enjoying Phantogram of late...
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