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Bungle-thanks for your post; all good questions: I find Baroness to be a weak, less interesting version of Mastodon. Possible I havent given them enough of a chance but that was my impression after listening to Blue Record.I like Opeth but not so into the black/death metal thing. Brilliant band, no doubt...but not my favorite style (although am a big Katatonia fan). I love dark, driving, complex riffs (ala Meshuggah, Karnivool, Tool, Dillinger Escape Plan, and even The...
Thanks for the recos.I actually am alreayd into all of these bands (with the exception of The Sword and Daylight Dies) and although all great, most of this is more Post-Rock/Metal than Prog.The Ocean is interesting but admittedly really havent given them a good listen yet and Baroness doesnt really do it for me. The Sword sounds interesting.
Shameless bump   Anyone?
Its been a long time since I really enjoyed a new Prog-Rock/Metal album. I find that I keep going to extreme-metal for that intensity, but would like to look at some new recommendations in the prog-space.    Anyways...music like the following:   Tool Karnivool Cave In Mastodon Dredg TMV   Generally like the darker, edgier, heavier material. As a result, have a harder time getting into groups like Riverside, Porcupine Tree (although some of their stuff is great),...
Ok, I think I am going to go with the 32 ohm DT 990's. They seem to be a relative jack-of-all-trades and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Easy to drive as well; seems like a good starter set.   Thanks to all for your input.
Thanks Marone. I have read reviews that allude to the same thing. So...what is the Jack of All Trades in this price range?Maybe I should look at the 595? (assuming I can still get one). They look a heck of alot better than the 598's and apparently they handle a wide range of musical genres. Sonido-dont know much about the 990's but will look into them.
Any other suggestions?   Was thinking maybe the AKG 701/702's?   But am worried that she will have a hard time driving them with just an IPOD?
 Thanks Hedonism. The looks are definitely a problem for me but am honestly not sure what she'd think.Maybe since she would only use them at home it wouldn't be the biggest deal...
Although I appreciate your reply, other than the HiFiMans, not one of your recommendations is open ear.
Actually for my girlfriend; will be used primarily for home use. She listens to virtually ALL genres: hip-hop, electronic, rock, classical, jazz, etc...so something that can handle a little of everything would be ideal.   Also, I just don't have the money for an amp right now so would like got her to be able to drive this straight from her ipod/iphone.   I'm thinking maybe the Senn 598's. Agree or other rec?   Thanks for reading.
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