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Now on my third pair, love the sound profile but the quality is really sub-par. For some reason, after a couple of months, I start getting static/interference when the cord moves around at the point closest to the jack.   Would like something that can handle a wide variety of musical genres, has powerful yet non-bloated lows and is preferably <$50.   Thanks!
Of the couple of thousands of albums I own, maybe 5-10 are R&B. I happen to really like the genre but just never properly researched/go into it.   Really digging Banks right now and loving how there are some synthy/break-beat influences with regard to the beats that are utilized throughout.   Any recommendations based on the above?
I absolutely adore  Peter Gabriel's work on "The Passion: The Last Temptation of Chris" and "The Long Walk Home" (from Rabbit Proof Fence) and am always looking for similar type material.   Your favorite(s)?
I need some new music...   Been out of the scene for a long time but still love the classics from:   Dieselboy Dom and Roland Dara DB Andy C AK1200   Any recommendations for other artists old or new?   Looking more for DJ sets than produced albums...   Thanks!
 Thanks; added my full list to the original post.
1 reply?   Where are all the OG's??
I amazes me that no one else has really come close to MA or at least has tried to replicate their formula (with the exception of Portishead, whom I still find distinctly different).
Granted I am 38 years old and have been listening to Hip-Hop my whole life, but am still amazed at how much great music I missed from that decade.   Just recently got into:   Black Moon Smif N' Wessun Organized Konfusion   And cant believe I missed these releases...   Am looking for more of the same; some of the more obscure artists/albums...the classic must have 90's albums. I already have:   Mobb Deep EPMD Gang Starr Outkast Wu-Tang Beatnuts Big...
 Thanks Rob. Like Intronaut a lot (and am actually seeing them again in a few months when they open for Cloudkicker) but for some reason their music doesnt resonate with me.Highyly complex and impressive stuff but I find the music forgettable. Honestly not sure why... DLC-great music, cannot stand the singer. The high pitched whining just kills it for me. 
And I dont mean to usual suspects nor do I mean anything in the Trip-Hop genre. Im talking about a band (that I am hoping I just missed) that does TH as well as MA.   Some of these come close:   Portishead Tricky Archive Laika Lamb Morcheeba Sneaker Pimps Hooverphonic     ...but truth is IMO, witht he exception of early Portishead there is simply no other band that I can find that is even in the same league as MA.   Please prove me wrong!
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