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I need something for work that will easily pair with my mobile phone and block out other noise in the room (both for me and for the person on the line).   Any ideas?   Thanks.
I decided yesterday to upload my 150gigs to the browser-based app and so far its taken about 15 hours and its not even halfway done. Is this normal?   I thought they would "match" what they have with what I have eliminating the need to actually upload most of what i have?
Thanks but thats not what I am looking for. I want to own my music. I cant believe there is still nowhere to go to get Lossless downloads of new releases...
 Album on Amazon is 7.99; CD shipped is $15. I usually do what your suggesting...  Im not sure I understand this post... What is "beatsmusic"?
Would ideally like something with a higher bitrate than iTunes.   Would like to get an album released today, online. Would Amazon be any better?   Any other options?
Anyone else?
Id even take some Indie Electro...   Just looking for the best of the best from the above genre(s)   Some current favorites:   Empire of the Sun MGMT Pnau Does it Offend You Yeah Fischerspooner The Faint Ghostland Observatory IAMX The Presets   Recos appreciated!
Have been using the VSonic GR02's and love the sound profile but I am on my third pair as they go bad after about 6 mos of use. I need something with a quality jack-connection point as this would be for the gym, running, etc.   Solid bass but not bloated. I could go up a little in price if warranted.   Thoughts?
 The Snarky Puppy/Lalah duo is spectacular.What album is this one and, do they have guest singers on all of their albums or are they predominantly instrumental?
 Thanks for the reply.The only reason why I cant do the first option is because I wont have enough space to hold both version of the files. It would be something like 3-400 gigs and my HD is only 250 at work, hence my desire to lower the bitrate in the first place.The second option makes more sense as I wont have to have duplicate files but...how do you copy the library off of an Ipod? Dont you need some 3rd party software to do that?
New Posts  All Forums: