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Anyone else?
Id even take some Indie Electro...   Just looking for the best of the best from the above genre(s)   Some current favorites:   Empire of the Sun MGMT Pnau Does it Offend You Yeah Fischerspooner The Faint Ghostland Observatory IAMX The Presets   Recos appreciated!
Have been using the VSonic GR02's and love the sound profile but I am on my third pair as they go bad after about 6 mos of use. I need something with a quality jack-connection point as this would be for the gym, running, etc.   Solid bass but not bloated. I could go up a little in price if warranted.   Thoughts?
 The Snarky Puppy/Lalah duo is spectacular.What album is this one and, do they have guest singers on all of their albums or are they predominantly instrumental?
 Thanks for the reply.The only reason why I cant do the first option is because I wont have enough space to hold both version of the files. It would be something like 3-400 gigs and my HD is only 250 at work, hence my desire to lower the bitrate in the first place.The second option makes more sense as I wont have to have duplicate files but...how do you copy the library off of an Ipod? Dont you need some 3rd party software to do that?
Yes but wont this make duplicate files? Is there no way to do this in Itunes? ITunes allows you with one button press, to downgrade all of the music on your ipod.Is this not possibly for the hard-drive based library itself?
I know you can do it for the ipod but was wondering if you can do it for your desktop.   I recently copied/pasted my entire library from my home computer to a new desktop at work. Most of my music is at 320+ and I dont need that level of quality at work.   Would like to replace all of the 320+ with 256 versions without making duplicates of each song (one at 320+ and the new one at 256).
I have virtually nothing in the genre. Looking for the material with great beats...heavy bass... but open to every sub-genre.   What are the must-owns in the space?   Heres what I have:   Banks Frank Ocean Maxwell R Kelly  Sade Stevie Wonder
 Great song but doesnt have to be synth....can be just great beats...I own virtually no R&B so open to whatever is considered a classic.
Not a single reply??   Where are all the vsonic fanboys?
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