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Buying a gift for my girlfriend  who has absolutely no experience with high end audio equipment.   That said, she loves music, loves my listening to my Grado HF-1s and Senn 650's and really digs the open-ear-sound experience.   Id like to get her something that is easy to drive, can handle all genres and is comfortable and stylish.   So far have come up with the Beyer dt990's and Senn 598's, but I dont think she will like the look of the latter.   Her favorite...
 Thank you MA but none of this is really what im looking for. Any Acid House, Tech House or Electro?
 Use to be a jungle DJ; love all those genre :) I am ALWAYS looking for good hard acid house and/or hard tech-house. Preferably DJ sets. Also dark electro; albums or dj sets. Recommendations welcome!
 I like them too; ironically just bought Geoggadi last night as I have been meaning to buy it for what feels like years now...  I do not. Will look into him now. Thanks.
Autechre is my single favorite electronic act. That said, although I love their more technical/latter work as well, sometimes I am more in the mood for something more melodic (like Amber, Incunabula and Tri Rep and the like).   Other than Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares and Squarepusher...and other recos?
I need something for work that will easily pair with my mobile phone and block out other noise in the room (both for me and for the person on the line).   Any ideas?   Thanks.
I decided yesterday to upload my 150gigs to the browser-based app and so far its taken about 15 hours and its not even halfway done. Is this normal?   I thought they would "match" what they have with what I have eliminating the need to actually upload most of what i have?
Thanks but thats not what I am looking for. I want to own my music. I cant believe there is still nowhere to go to get Lossless downloads of new releases...
 Album on Amazon is 7.99; CD shipped is $15. I usually do what your suggesting...  Im not sure I understand this post... What is "beatsmusic"?
Would ideally like something with a higher bitrate than iTunes.   Would like to get an album released today, online. Would Amazon be any better?   Any other options?
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