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My girlfriend doesnt like true IEM's-she prefers something that just slightly enters the ear, akin to the Bose Freestyle or Soundsport.   Any suggestions?   Id get her the Bose but she has lost two pairs thus far and its getting expensive...
 Thanks for the suggestion but would rather not have an over the ear version (I probably should have mentioned that in the post above).Maybe I should be looking for one of those flat-wired IEMs, like what beats uses? 
I love the VSonic Gr02's but I go through about 2-3 pairs a year because the tension I put on the jack ultimately leaves me with no sound in one ear. I dont know if I am actually just putting too much tension on the jack when I wrap the headphones around my ipod/phone or if they are just not made well.   Either way, would like something with solid bass (but not bloated), that has  strong wire.   Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
Im not sure I even know what it is, but id liek to try it out. Good album to intro me to the genre?   Also, is Foals or Battles considered math rock?   Really digging Antidotes...
Ive tried getting into Mouth of the Architect, Neurosis and Cult of Luna but I just don't find any of them as melodic and dynamic as ISIS.   Words of advice for someone who wants more Sludge and Post-Metal?
 I love (and have) the P7's but they are closed.
Ideally easy to drive as well; will not be able to use an amp, for now.   75% Electronica /25% Hip Hop.   Id like to keep it under $500.   Thanks.
Let me be clear here...I dont really have a "setup".   What I have is a pair of Grado HF-1's that I adore, connected a Turtle Beach-Audio Advantage Micro, which is plugged into to a Dell E6400 Laptop computer, that is in a docking station, making it my desktop.   I think the sound is superb but im guessing I can do better?   Whats the next logical step up for me, without having to spend a fortune?
So I went with the B&W P7's. The reviews, the looks, the portability...all seemed right.   That said, they are closed.   Hopefully she likes them; still open to recommendations in case we need to return these
I am not set on the open back and these do look beautiful (and great reviews) I would like to get her into the open-ear experience as I find it to be the opposite of what shes used to...as she has some good IEMs...and I think shed appreciate the new experience.
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