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Ive made the decision, I am going to sell my HF-1s. Yes I love a lot about Gardo but the highs, $hitty construction, scratchy pads and overall fatiguing long-listens, have changed my tune (pun intended).   So, Ill have about $600 to spend but since I have NEVER owned anything but Grados, I dont know exactly where to go.   I do however know the following are very important to me:   I listen to a wide-array of music (a lot of electronica, rock and metal, classical...
Apologies if this is not in the right forum:   I am looking for a device that will allow me to connect all there of my headphones to it, and I can just flick a switch to turn each headphone line on or off.   Ideally a small amp/dac has this option as well?   Am about to get the Senn HD700s...
Noticed a seller from Hong Kong that is selling the GR)2s with what looks like better cabling and jack.   I have had multiple problems with their basic cord/jack...where id eventually lose audio in one ear.   Is there any legitimacy to this "better"/newer-design edition?
 Apologies for having not mentioned this sooner but I dont want the "wrap over the ear" style. Would like to stick to the ones that go directly into the ear.
I love the VSONIC GR02s bass Edition, but they break on me, every 9 months or so. I use them predominantly in the gym and I think there might be some pulling where the jack meets the wire.   I guess I shouldnt expect a sub $50 product to last very long but would like to try something with strong wire and generally good connections.   I listen to virtually all musical genres.   Thanks in advance.
These guys are incredible. Now all I need is the above...with vocals. :)
That have come to market over the past 3 or so years?   I have the HF-1s and use the s-cush reverse mod which is ok, but would love to get velour or leather on them. Considering ive been out of the headphone game for a couple of years, was wondering if there have been any new mods or other pads that might now fit?   Love my HF-1s; dont find any of Grados earpads comfortable.
I have #426, mint condition, signed Grado box.   Wondering if anyone knows what these are presently worth?
Ill definitely look into the Planars but think im going to pass on another pair of Grados.The Grados pads bother my ears and im looking for a true over the ear experience. Do the 500s use the large bowls found on the 1000s or are they the regular sized pads found on my HF-1s?
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