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  Which link?
I seem to be getting crackling and (what sounds like) cd skipping sounds when playing songs on iTunes. I just tested a song that crackled on iTunes, on Windows Media Player; no issues.   Anyone know what could be causing this?
APOLOGIES if this isnt the right area to post this but I couldnt find anything for tickets in the "for sale" area.   Im looking for face value on two tix, Terminal 5 in NYC, tomorrow at 7PM.   $35 each.   PM me if interested.
You originally put me on to Amplifier? Thank you...what a great band. And yes, I love CI's Jupiter-one of my favorite albums of the post 2k's. Love me some Karnivool too (particular b/c of the somewhat djenty-riffage. I like Oceansize but I find them at times a bit boring.   Im going to look into all of these as I am not familiar with any of the others. Thanks.
Not sur exactly where progressive rock ends and space-rock begins (or of the latter is a sub of the former) but either way, other than Pink Floyd (which I adore)-I have limited music from this genre. Recently got into Amplifier which I think is really enjoying it.   What are the must have albums in the genres? (other than Pink Floyd)
My ATV is no longer snappy...every time I go to another song, it sits there with the little wheel turning "looking" for the music. I can no longer just quickly forward to a new song; every time I have to wait for it, which is very frustrating.   Any ideas why this could be happening? Is it something with my Wifi settings or security?   Thanks!
Its a rarity that I get introduced to a new band that really impresses me and, that I never heard of prior to my first listen.   I bought Amplifier's first album (self-titled) about 2 months ago and although it took a good couple of listens to click, it is now in heavy rotation.   An all around terrific album; they seem to have taken some bits and pieces from the greats (Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Rush, Sabbath, etc.) and I even hear some Porcupine Tree and maybe Tool...
No matter I do, I cannot seem to set the volume controls so that I can have a song play at a very low volume. Regardless of whether I set the volume limit at the lowest or highest level, when I go back to the song I should be able to lower the sound to an almost inaudible level but I cannot get close to that.   Any ideas?   Actually, I should be able to lower the volume to the point where its almost close to muted...
Looking for an affordable Ipod dock with radio; dont want an a big clunky alarm clock. Doesnt need to be too loud/powerful. Any ideas?
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