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How come when I go into my "recently added" list and sort by "Date Added", the songs are all out of order? Is it possible to list the music by date added and simultaneously have the correct track listing too?
  Om my g-d...I spent a whole ten dollars!  Should I return them and hunt for a better deal?   Maybe they can be found somewhere for 9 dollars...or maybe even 8!
      Thanks.   Have always gone with other options due to the yellow color. Are they easy to dye?   Also, are they the same thickness as the comfies? Thats one of the nice things about the comfies; they provide a bit more depth which in turn allows for a tad more soundstage.
Maybe I got a fake pair but I ordered them through Amazon from a company ( 4ourEars) that states they are Grados.   I dont remember them ever being this hard and uncomfortable.   Are there any new options for my HF-1's? I love the sound from a quarter modded s-cush but I cant wear these for more than an hour...
Anyone have a similar experience?
I love the sound of these but this is getting expensive...   I bought this last pair of someone on Ebay.   Anyone else having probs with these?   *I did open the housing up and there does not appear to be anything disconnected/structural issues.   If I were to buy another pair, is there any difference in quality between the Visang and the Brainwavz?
Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
Out of a 1,000+ cds, I maybe own 5 solo-singer/song-writer type albums. Lets try and stick with contemporary/alternative/indie but happy to take recs from other sub-genres too.   Mine:   Jeff Buckley-Grace Damien Rice-O Elton John-Greatest Hits (although I guess thats not really an "album")
I know headroom has them, but they are $20+ shipped and only $15 via Amazon.   Does anyone know if the Amazon ones are authentic?
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