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Havent bought anything in these categories in a long time.   Have there been any really solid releases in Trip-Hop over the past ten years?   Heres what im already into (and i'm just mixing everything):   Air Thievery Corp Zero 7 Groove Armada Tosca K&D Massive Attack Portishead Hooverphonic Lamb Esthero   EDIT-if you guys could include the specific sub-genres that correlate with your recommendation(s), that would be great too.
Let me preface this review by saying, I am a die-hard fan. Meshuggah to me are one of the most innovative and influential bands in HISTORY, and in my opinion the most important metal band of the last 20 years. As a result, with regard to a new release, the bar for me is set quite high.   In an attempt to not make a hasty review and, taking into account the complexity found within a typical Meshuggah song, I deliberately listened to this album 20+ times before coming...
LOL.   Its amazing...the little that make us happy
Now you tell me... I already threw away my broken M2's and have purchased the Visang r03's.
Ive never gotten around to getting anything by Devin Townsend. Is there a difference between him alone and when its "project"? Where should I start?
Then why do they have pics of the Visangs with straight plugs on Amazon? I also thought that was one of the ways you differentiated them from the M2's...   Do you have any probs with the 45 degree?
I just got my Visangs and I thought they came with a straight jack as opossed to the M2's (which I had, but broke). This 45 degree jack is the reason why my M2's broke.   I got them off of Amazon; does anyone make this IEM with a straight jack? Im just going to break these again...    
Understood; thanks.
Im not sure I understand the difference between a saved or un-saved playlist. I make playlists on the go...does that mean they are saved?   Id like to be able to delete them on the go-from my Ipod.   When I scroll to the bottom of one of my playlists, I dont see any "clear playlist" option.
Cant seem to figure it out...
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