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Ive never tried the complies...are they any more difficult/cumbersome to use than silicones?   What about tri-flanges? Ive never tried these either but was thinking they might create a tighter seal.
I don't know if I just have abnormally large ear canals or if i'm just looking for a more snug fit but for some reason, all of the largest silicone tips are still a tad too small for me.   Are there any extra-large ones? Should I be considering some other solution?   I am presently using the Brainwavz M-2's.
Love Glitch Mob; thanks.     Heard/have most but a few I have never seen before; thanks. Keep hearing the name Alpha but have never picked any of their material up...
 Interesting choices Rubber Duk! I am already a big fan of the Knife but have not heard of the latter two. Android Lust seems to be Industrial/Electro, while the BF&E is reminiscent of Enya...albeit a bit synthier (if thats even a word).   Which AL album should I start with?
Im really looking for dark trip-hop ala Massive Attack but I find that other than Portishead, everything else pales in comparison and/or is too "poppy". So, i'm opening my search up to any sub-genre of electronica; prefer the darker more minimal (yet still complex) material thats counter-balanced by a beautiful female voice (could be male too).   been enjoying Phantogram of late...
BIGSHOT-   Sounds like some of this is opera? Not my thing.. Also, why are these pieces so short?
So I repeatedly get "you should listen to some Stravinsky" comments on my various "Classical Recommendation" threads.   I dont necessarily want his most accessible works but rather those that are most moving and emotive.   Where to begin?
 Loving the thread revival!   Mystical Sun and Kuba (neither of which have I heard of before) sound amazing. Mystical Sun reminds me of Phutureprimative and Kuba is little more ambient-ish.   The video for Kuba was great too! Do you know who did those visuals?
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