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  So I picked up Parts "Miserere" and although I really am not into vocals, the second piece (Festina Lente) is an absolutely breathtaking piece of music. More like this please!
Maybe cuz its just a fantastic combination of synthy, elctro-ish-rock with a 70's/disco influence?   Try some on for size:      
  Did you just try and find a song named "Rules of Engagement"? None of the above lyrics are in this song.
  His piano works are a little Satie-esque (to my relatively untrained ear).
  Lento is a little minimal, but beautiful nonetheless. What CD of his would you recommend? Ive never heard of him...   The John Tavener piece I am going to need some more time with
  I am LOVING (in particular) the Tristan and Isolde preludes. Stunning! Thank you. TJ-already a big fan of both Adams and Richter (although the former can get too minimal/repetetive for me at times. Am enjoying the above though-thanks.   Agreed.
  Thank you for that explanation.   Why are some of the "Wagner Preludes and Overtures" 2 cds (15-16 pieces) while the Solti (for example) is 1 cd?
  Are these all purely instrumental? Also, I searched and some are two cd sets, other 1. Based on my tastes above, would i be more interested in the Overtures, Preludes or a mix like the Solti Collection you recommended? (there is one on Ebay for about 4$)
  That piece by Wagner sounds beautiful. Is it an opera? Is the entire T&I in this same vain or is it just Prelude? (I am not a fan of opera and/or vocals)   What cd would you recommend I buy?   EDIT: a friend of mine has one complete song (Prelude and Liebestod) together in one track? 
And although i very much appreciate anyone's help/recommendation, please dont just offer up any other minimalist piece, b/c Glass is a minimalist. I find his Violin Concerto to be minimal, yes...but quite emotive, dynamic and containing dissonance (as opposed to consonance).   I have been searching for a specific style of classical music for years and although I have found some pieces that I love, I seem to run into the same issue over and over. That is, I find...
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