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APOLOGIES if this isnt the right area to post this but I couldnt find anything for tickets in the "for sale" area.   Im looking for face value on two tix, Terminal 5 in NYC, tomorrow at 7PM.   $35 each.   PM me if interested.
You originally put me on to Amplifier? Thank you...what a great band. And yes, I love CI's Jupiter-one of my favorite albums of the post 2k's. Love me some Karnivool too (particular b/c of the somewhat djenty-riffage. I like Oceansize but I find them at times a bit boring.   Im going to look into all of these as I am not familiar with any of the others. Thanks.
Not sur exactly where progressive rock ends and space-rock begins (or of the latter is a sub of the former) but either way, other than Pink Floyd (which I adore)-I have limited music from this genre. Recently got into Amplifier which I think is really enjoying it.   What are the must have albums in the genres? (other than Pink Floyd)
My ATV is no longer snappy...every time I go to another song, it sits there with the little wheel turning "looking" for the music. I can no longer just quickly forward to a new song; every time I have to wait for it, which is very frustrating.   Any ideas why this could be happening? Is it something with my Wifi settings or security?   Thanks!
Its a rarity that I get introduced to a new band that really impresses me and, that I never heard of prior to my first listen.   I bought Amplifier's first album (self-titled) about 2 months ago and although it took a good couple of listens to click, it is now in heavy rotation.   An all around terrific album; they seem to have taken some bits and pieces from the greats (Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Rush, Sabbath, etc.) and I even hear some Porcupine Tree and maybe Tool...
No matter I do, I cannot seem to set the volume controls so that I can have a song play at a very low volume. Regardless of whether I set the volume limit at the lowest or highest level, when I go back to the song I should be able to lower the sound to an almost inaudible level but I cannot get close to that.   Any ideas?   Actually, I should be able to lower the volume to the point where its almost close to muted...
Looking for an affordable Ipod dock with radio; dont want an a big clunky alarm clock. Doesnt need to be too loud/powerful. Any ideas?
Forgot to put down Nightmares on Wax-"Carboot Soul". Amazing album.
    Some good stuff here but other than Portishead, not really trip-hop. Although to be honest, im not sure exactly what constitutes "trip-hop" anymore...  
    For me, approaching un-listenable. An incredibly disappointing release; apparently this new method of recording has not worked out for them.   Nearly every Meshuggah release gets better with time...revealing more and more layering and complexity with each listen. On Koloss I keep waiting for something to reveal itself, but it never does. Just a boring, uninspired album.
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