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I disabled it and it didnt do anything.   What is the "Intel Gigabit Network Connection"?   What would happen if I disabled that?   My NDIS DRIVER seems to have the highest execution , followed by the tcp/ip driver. What would I disable/update in order to fix the NDIS?
OK Joe...I seem to have two things that are running incredibly slow (or well above a 1.0 execution) and those are my TCP/IP and NDIS.   Can I disable these and/or download new drivers for them?   What are they exactly? Please forgive the ignorance...
I got both red and green. The red were tall spikes at about 4-8000, while most of the greens are between 500 and 1000. Some of the reds go all the way to the top. Otherwise it doesnt say anything other than "analysing DPC Latency".   Should I just let it go?
Joe...this thing just keeps going and going. What results would you like me to post?
Am using a Dell Latitude 6400 with Windows 7; Intel HD Audio--> a Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro-->Grado HF-1's.   I am having intermittent crackling noises (and the occasional pop too) and (only recently) 1-2 second pauses as well.   I have tested the sound through various interfaces (Itunes, Winamp, Youtube) and I experience the same problem throughout.   I have also updated all of my drivers.   Any ideas?
I am LOVING my Vsonics Gr02s! It is amazing what you can get for $35 these days...   Thanks to all for the recommendation.
Have been listening to Groove Armada's classic  "Back to Mine" mix and it's easily one of the tightest and most diverse sets I have ever heard (although I generally prefer the more electronica-influenced material).   Some other favorites:   Kruder & Dorfmeister "The K&D Sessions". Thievery Corp "DJ-Kicks" & "Outernational Sound" Kruder & Dorfmeister "DJ Kicks" (definitely more DnB influenced but solid nonetheless)
Am reading some amazing things about the GR02's and they seem to be half the price of what I have paid for my Brainwavz.   Can someone tell if it is a "Y" or "J" cable?   Also, best place to buy online for the US?   Finally, how does one differentiate between the regular and "bass" editions?
I love these headphones. Inexspensive, killer bass and solid soundstage. Great for all musical tastes. That said, I just went through my 4th pair in two years. The build quality is horrible.   Can you recommend something similar from a sound sig persepctive, sub $75?   Thanks.
I only own Elephant and De Stijl by TWS. I prefer the harder, crunchier, tuned-down material (like "Little Acorns" and "black Math")   What should I get next and, what other bands should I be looking at?
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