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  Got it-thanks. I picked up Rachs first 4 concertos (Ashkenazy) and already very much enjoying it. The second movement of the 1st conecrto (Andante?) is really beautiful. To be honest, im not such a fan of Chopins Nocturnes as I find them a little sterile...but that could be because I havent really given them a proper listen yet.   Also, I dont really like the faster paced material (Rach 1st concerto; 3rd movement). Am looking for the slower paced, more emotive and even...
  ASR-you always give great recos...   As for your question, I dont know the difference between Concertos and Sonatas. I will however look that up.   That said, I just want the must haves in the genre, preferably those that are both dark, yet emotive. Am open to single composer-based albums and compilations.
Anyone else? Id like to buy 5-10 albums tomorrow...
I love classical piano but unfortunately only (thoroughly) know Ludovico Einaudi (modern/minimalist), Erik Satie (just Gymnopides) and Chopin (Nocturnes).   I dont mind complex but would rather start with the more emotive and somewhat more accessible pieces from the greats (Rach, Chopin, Lizst, Debussy, etc.)   Am open to other composers too.   Thanks!
I definitely do not want to call Dell...   yes, it happens when I run each independently of the other.
Ok, so its actually both the wired and wireless network adapter drivers that are definitively causing the problems here. When I uninstalled both I got all green bars. So I downloaded the newest drivers for both and the problems are back.   Then, I disabled the wired driver and only ran on the my Wireless card. They BOTH seem to be causing problems, independent of one another.   What to do now?
I disabled it and it didnt do anything.   What is the "Intel Gigabit Network Connection"?   What would happen if I disabled that?   My NDIS DRIVER seems to have the highest execution , followed by the tcp/ip driver. What would I disable/update in order to fix the NDIS?
OK Joe...I seem to have two things that are running incredibly slow (or well above a 1.0 execution) and those are my TCP/IP and NDIS.   Can I disable these and/or download new drivers for them?   What are they exactly? Please forgive the ignorance...
I got both red and green. The red were tall spikes at about 4-8000, while most of the greens are between 500 and 1000. Some of the reds go all the way to the top. Otherwise it doesnt say anything other than "analysing DPC Latency".   Should I just let it go?
Joe...this thing just keeps going and going. What results would you like me to post?
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