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Understood; thanks.   Can this be used as a mobile device? Any way to hook it up directly to an Ipod?   Lastly, is it powerful enough to drive a 600ohm headphone. Have had my eye on the Beyer dt880's...
Sorry about that...mainly for music. I have no idea what a DAC is; how does this device connect to my computer? Would I use the Audio Advantagee Micro in conjunction with this?
If you can call it a "setup"; heres what I have:   Dell Latitude E6400 Sound Card? (I have no clue, in device manager all it says is Intel High Def Audio HDMI and USB Audio) Am using an Audio Advantage Micro Grado HF-1   Im sure there is quite a bit I can do with regard to improvements, but what would you do say first and second?
  So I picked up Parts "Miserere" and although I really am not into vocals, the second piece (Festina Lente) is an absolutely breathtaking piece of music. More like this please!
Maybe cuz its just a fantastic combination of synthy, elctro-ish-rock with a 70's/disco influence?   Try some on for size:      
  Did you just try and find a song named "Rules of Engagement"? None of the above lyrics are in this song.
  His piano works are a little Satie-esque (to my relatively untrained ear).
  Lento is a little minimal, but beautiful nonetheless. What CD of his would you recommend? Ive never heard of him...   The John Tavener piece I am going to need some more time with
  I am LOVING (in particular) the Tristan and Isolde preludes. Stunning! Thank you. TJ-already a big fan of both Adams and Richter (although the former can get too minimal/repetetive for me at times. Am enjoying the above though-thanks.   Agreed.
  Thank you for that explanation.   Why are some of the "Wagner Preludes and Overtures" 2 cds (15-16 pieces) while the Solti (for example) is 1 cd?
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