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  After 6 months of annoyance, I solved the problem. Its Malwarebytes.   Do you have that installed? Its specifically the pay version (Malwarebytes Pro).   If so, simply uncheck "enable malicious website blocking" under "protection".   Some people have to completely uninstall the Pro version and use the lighter one, but the above has worked for many, including me.
Cave Ins "Jupiter" is one of my all time favorite albums.   Really looking forward to the new release by Palms (Chino Moreno from Deftones and ISIS).
  Yeah, TOOL is a no-brainer here for sure. Ironically, I find Undertow to be their best album even though it is the least complex and proggy. I love the "clean"lines" of that album; fluff and filler are nowhere to be found.   Listening to Katatonia's "Viva Emptiness" which I find to be a near perfect album. Have you ever gotten into them?   I'm into any band that can successfully layer dark, complex, progressive rock and/or metal, with beautiful vocals. Along with...
Another side point here...I cant seem to get into Oceansize either. That said, I think they write brilliant, dense, beautiful music. But for some reason, I find it incredibly repetitive and cannot listen straight through one of their albums (listening to Frames right now).
  I dont know why, but I could never get into Riverside. It has this very "dated"/old-school prog rock sound to me, that I find to be the anti-thesis of of what Amplifier and some of these other bands sound like.   Never heard of Lunatic Soul; will look into them.
  Ive heard of OSI numerous times but never picked anything up. Same for Anathema (which I though was more in the black metal category...like Katatonia, whom I love).   Where would you start with the above two?
I love these guys...and just stumbled upon them in the past year. Already a fan of the usual suspects; Porcupine Tree, Oceansize, Dredg, etc...but I find that Amplifier has an edge and originality that I dont find in the aforementioned bands (other than maybe early Dredg).   Recommendations?
I happen to love Bartok but I find that one youtube piece/clip to be a bit sparse?   It is definitely darker though...
Ok-   So I picked up Rach's Piano Concerto's; 1-4. Some great movements here but I find alot of it a bit too bombastic and up-tempo (if that makes any sense).   I prefer the more emotive, slower pieces (although not everything needs to be slow, per se).   What should I try next?
  Got it-thanks. I picked up Rachs first 4 concertos (Ashkenazy) and already very much enjoying it. The second movement of the 1st conecrto (Andante?) is really beautiful. To be honest, im not such a fan of Chopins Nocturnes as I find them a little sterile...but that could be because I havent really given them a proper listen yet.   Also, I dont really like the faster paced material (Rach 1st concerto; 3rd movement). Am looking for the slower paced, more emotive and even...
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