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Thanks for your comments James.Have you heard the HF-1s?I love the speed and in your face presentation but only for rock/metal.I feel like they have zero soundstage. When you commented above about the soundstage; did you mean relative to my HF-1s the 400s soundstage would seem large or, was it relative to the 500s? Ive heard great things about the 500's and ive loved every Grado can I have owned but the comfort of those bowls is a deal breaker for me. With my HF-1's I can...
 You were spot on.
 Thanks for posting this.I am worried that the Shures are not going to provide that multi-dimensional bass that I am looking for.On the other hand, I hear the soundstage on the 400i is notthing special. What are your thoughts on each of the above? Have you tried the Oppo PM-2?  I had the X2 a couple of months back for two weeks and they are PHENOMENAL.I think they are absolutely "high end" and contain probably the best sound sig (all round) that I have heard in a long...
Its now between the 400i and the Shure 1840.Ive been reading great things about the latter.
Thank you sir. How do they compare/contrast with the 400s? Also, I have read the soundstage isnt great. Would you agree or do you find it sufficient?
Ive made the decision, I am going to sell my HF-1s. Yes I love a lot about Gardo but the highs, $hitty construction, scratchy pads and overall fatiguing long-listens, have changed my tune (pun intended).   So, Ill have about $600 to spend but since I have NEVER owned anything but Grados, I dont know exactly where to go.   I do however know the following are very important to me:   I listen to a wide-array of music (a lot of electronica, rock and metal, classical...
Apologies if this is not in the right forum:   I am looking for a device that will allow me to connect all there of my headphones to it, and I can just flick a switch to turn each headphone line on or off.   Ideally a small amp/dac has this option as well?   Am about to get the Senn HD700s...
Noticed a seller from Hong Kong that is selling the GR)2s with what looks like better cabling and jack.   I have had multiple problems with their basic cord/jack...where id eventually lose audio in one ear.   Is there any legitimacy to this "better"/newer-design edition?
 Apologies for having not mentioned this sooner but I dont want the "wrap over the ear" style. Would like to stick to the ones that go directly into the ear.
I love the VSONIC GR02s bass Edition, but they break on me, every 9 months or so. I use them predominantly in the gym and I think there might be some pulling where the jack meets the wire.   I guess I shouldnt expect a sub $50 product to last very long but would like to try something with strong wire and generally good connections.   I listen to virtually all musical genres.   Thanks in advance.
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