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 Right but which are considered the most conducive to this sound sig?And which are most comfortable?
 Been a number of years since ive heard the 50's but Id say YES. The X2 are easy to drive (30OHM) and in my opinion are the most under-rated and under-priced cans on the market. The build quality is astounding and in a whole other league than your AT's.I think you'll find the two day and night... Also, aren't the AT's closed back?If so, there is really no comparing these two cans.The soundstage will be HUGE and overall substantial increase in detail and precision.
Loving the sound sig of these cans. However, they feel like they are crushing my head.   Does this weaken over time?   Also, any other pads I should be looking into? The stock ones are nice but I wouldnt mind a material that potentially breathes a little better?
 This is an easy one.Take the comfort of the Senns, the forward presentation of the Grados, add some needed soundstage and separation and you have the Philips Fidelio X2.
 Understood; thanks again.
MA-thanks for your thoughts.I have heard a lot of great things about the 400i but was worried about it lacking in soundstage and bass.Do you feel it surpasses the HD700 in both those areas?If not, why in particular do you prefer it over the Senns? I dont need tremendous soundstage but coming from my somewhat claustrophobic, very forward HF-1s, some airiness would be welcome.
Thanks for the replies. And you would opt for the 400s over the 400i? How would you describe the sounstage on bass response(s) on the 700s? I am eager to give those a try. Finally, have you tried the Audeze el-8s?
 Thanks but ive heard the highs could be piercing? I unfortunately will not have the money to buy an amp, right out the gates.
Am looking to graduate from Grado HF-1s, so another open-back, but one that can handle the widest array of musical genres. I listen to equalt amounts of rock/metal, classical, jazz and electronic.   Following quite a bit of research, I was going to get the HiFiMan 400is, but have been reading that the soundstage may be a bit narrow and bass a bit on the weak side?   Coming from Grado, although I love their sound sig, I feel like I have been deprived of the type of...
 Yet another set of cans I need to Demo!
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