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I absolutely adore  Peter Gabriel's work on "The Passion: The Last Temptation of Chris" and "The Long Walk Home" (from Rabbit Proof Fence) and am always looking for similar type material.   Your favorite(s)?
I need some new music...   Been out of the scene for a long time but still love the classics from:   Dieselboy Dom and Roland Dara DB Andy C AK1200   Any recommendations for other artists old or new?   Looking more for DJ sets than produced albums...   Thanks!
 Thanks; added my full list to the original post.
1 reply?   Where are all the OG's??
I amazes me that no one else has really come close to MA or at least has tried to replicate their formula (with the exception of Portishead, whom I still find distinctly different).
Granted I am 38 years old and have been listening to Hip-Hop my whole life, but am still amazed at how much great music I missed from that decade.   Just recently got into:   Black Moon Smif N' Wessun Organized Konfusion   And cant believe I missed these releases...   Am looking for more of the same; some of the more obscure artists/albums...the classic must have 90's albums. I already have:   Mobb Deep EPMD Gang Starr Outkast Wu-Tang Beatnuts Big...
 Thanks Rob. Like Intronaut a lot (and am actually seeing them again in a few months when they open for Cloudkicker) but for some reason their music doesnt resonate with me.Highyly complex and impressive stuff but I find the music forgettable. Honestly not sure why... DLC-great music, cannot stand the singer. The high pitched whining just kills it for me. 
And I dont mean to usual suspects nor do I mean anything in the Trip-Hop genre. Im talking about a band (that I am hoping I just missed) that does TH as well as MA.   Some of these come close:   Portishead Tricky Archive Laika Lamb Morcheeba Sneaker Pimps Hooverphonic     ...but truth is IMO, witht he exception of early Portishead there is simply no other band that I can find that is even in the same league as MA.   Please prove me wrong!
Bungle-thanks for your post; all good questions: I find Baroness to be a weak, less interesting version of Mastodon. Possible I havent given them enough of a chance but that was my impression after listening to Blue Record.I like Opeth but not so into the black/death metal thing. Brilliant band, no doubt...but not my favorite style (although am a big Katatonia fan). I love dark, driving, complex riffs (ala Meshuggah, Karnivool, Tool, Dillinger Escape Plan, and even The...
Thanks for the recos.I actually am alreayd into all of these bands (with the exception of The Sword and Daylight Dies) and although all great, most of this is more Post-Rock/Metal than Prog.The Ocean is interesting but admittedly really havent given them a good listen yet and Baroness doesnt really do it for me. The Sword sounds interesting.
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