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Hello all-thanks for reading:   I am looking for an open set that can handle a bit of everything but that are known for their minimal head-clamping force and overall comfort. I am a big audiophile so quality in all respects is of paramount importance as well. That said and unfortunately due to this injury, I need something that wont grip too tightly and/or that can be adjusted.   My budget is $500, without an amp (I need a low impedance for direct play from...
When I take the headphones off my ears my ear cups only turn out  (or, towards me) which means I have turn the headset over in order to lay it flat on my table.   This makes no sense to me.   You should be able to just take them off your head and then lay them down flat by turning the cups in. I have to turn mine over and around...   Do I have a defective unit?
 Interesting you say that because ive had my choices drilled down to those two in particular. Thanks for the clarification regarding the versions.The reviews for both comfort and sound for the Beos is quite impressive all around. Im going to give them a try tomorrow in their Manhattan store.
Anyone else?
First off, thanks for reading.   So let me just get this out of the way: I have a hairline fracture in my jaw that starts right underneath my ear. Yes, ouch.   I am looking for a very comfortable, non-clamp-having, closed back set, under $400.   Ideally, its will be able to handle a very wide array of genres as I listen to everything from hardcore metal to classical to dubstep and virtually everything in between.   Although I might use it at home, it would be...
 Right but which are considered the most conducive to this sound sig?And which are most comfortable?
 Been a number of years since ive heard the 50's but Id say YES. The X2 are easy to drive (30OHM) and in my opinion are the most under-rated and under-priced cans on the market. The build quality is astounding and in a whole other league than your AT's.I think you'll find the two day and night... Also, aren't the AT's closed back?If so, there is really no comparing these two cans.The soundstage will be HUGE and overall substantial increase in detail and precision.
Loving the sound sig of these cans. However, they feel like they are crushing my head.   Does this weaken over time?   Also, any other pads I should be looking into? The stock ones are nice but I wouldnt mind a material that potentially breathes a little better?
 This is an easy one.Take the comfort of the Senns, the forward presentation of the Grados, add some needed soundstage and separation and you have the Philips Fidelio X2.
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