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I have just ordered the G508 thanks to Inks so will let you all know what it is like once received. I had an old Kenwood 30gb Keg and that was great for SQ the interface was a little sluggish but i never found the hissing to be a major issue with that unit, most of the issues Aevum mentioned will be fixed i have no doubt.   As Inks said if you don't need bluetooth there is no difference whatsoever, so if it is something you do not need i would opt for the 508.
do they ship the headphones to the UK can't seem to find a UK site which sells the sharps or E2's
hiya yep i've been looking at the shure e2c's and ety er 6's it's just i dont want to spend this kind of money, when they could be just as bad for running as i'm finding the sony's..... what are the shures like for fit? will they stay in? i've also heard good things about the sharps for half the price decisions decisions...
Done a search and there a many headphones which people recommend.... at the moment i have the ex71's hate them, plus i like to listen to my music while at the gym and they always fall out etc So i am looking for the best earbud headphones out there up to £100 that fit in the ear and won't fall out when i jog etc Thanks
Just got the Sony EX70 ear buds and i have to say i am very pleased loads of bass and great sound easily the best ear phones i have had, but i hear there is a mod what is this mod? and what does it do to the sound?
I think the best thing for me to do is to try both ear buds but trying the 888's is the only problem as i will have to import them. How good is the bass on the 888's with the cover things over them?
I have recently bought the Kenwood DMC-M7R mini disc and want some better headphones than supplied, my choices are out of the Sony MDREX70LP or the Sony MDR-E888LP. I want the best one for Bass and the one that would suit my mini disc the best? Thanks
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