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The K141 Studio I had here for repair turned out to be a very nice phone – and extremely comfortable, even with the stock pleather pads. For financial reasons I decided to sell it though :D
$70 after shipping is crazy. Where are you living? I'm not sure about the US, but within Europe there should be a way to get them cheaper next time.
So today I finally got around changing the foam rings inside my K280 and my K240M. While removing the old, rotten foam, I noticed that the thin paper membrane on the K280's right side has a small perforation. Maybe I was simply not careful enough or it has been there for some time - I don't know.   To my ears it still sounds good. Should I be worried about that little pinch?
I have an old DT220 that I bought off eBay for a couple of euros - I think it was about 15€ or so. It's a nice headphone and surprisingly comfortable with new pads - they still sell replacements!
That's a pretty good price for a new unit - often well-used ones go for that amount. I have a K141 Studio to fix up, somewhere a connection has gone bad. If I like them after the repair, I might keep them …
Take it like a man (or a woman of course) !!!   Also, you could do a lot worse. When I had to evaluate recordings of one of my bands, I took my K271 Studio onto the train. They make you look like an alien
Well, I'll see what I can find. It seems like it's meant to keep the ear pads off the baffle - but I don't really see the reason behind that. Whatever … :)
Cpt. Klotz (and of course everybody), the foam ring inside the ear cups is still available from AudioPro and RW Soundsystems. The little foam thingy that sits directly under the earpads, however, seems to be out of stock at both distributors. You could always call in Vienna, however, I'm not sure if they have it. Anyway, I could imagine that simply cutting a replacement from thin felt would work, but I'm not sure if it's necessary to have that part at all.    On the...
I think it simply depends on what works for you. Some claim that even former flagships should only be used as paperweights nowadays, others recommend to shop for used quality gear instead of modern entry- to mid-level phones. Whatever people say, you have to decide - because you are the one who has to listen to your phones.   I have a K280 and find it pretty good - super-comfortable, easy to drive, insanely loud if you want that and nice-sounding. Whereas I like the...
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