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i guess this all really comes down to price   the e7 is a solid dac / headphone amp   but the e17 is just better?
sorry    uhh messing up here, will they be loud (280) with the e7? or will i still be looking at the e17 for more volume?
yes, ok thats one down thanks   for portability i'll mostly be using my 280's will is still be looking at the e17 for more volume?    does anyone know some places with low(er) prices for the e17? other than amazon or ebay
thanks for the responses   well im mainly worried about if it will get rid this fuzzy buzzing noise my laptop makes(im using rca cables from my laptop headphone jack to my AVR) only when connected to my avr,and this hissing noise i've read about the fiio's 
wow,old post   i went with the d2000's   very happy with them    on to something more important, i was wondering if the fiio e7 had anything the e10 doesn't? im considering one of these,and trying to keep it under 100$ laptop > fiio > denon avr 791 > headphones,but also have something portable   and i read that the fiio's (the one's i mentioned) have hissing?
+1  d2000,  under 300 + fiio  
don't forget the 280's are portable(somewhat) and have replaceable parts.   this is why auditioning headphones(and speakers for that matter) with your own music is important
Denon AH D2000's are one of the top choices in the $300 range
Youtube- Dave Rat - Mighty Headphone quest (part 1-5)   a $99 headphone is(probably) not going to sound better than a $499 -$599 headphone especially if it's not amped
got my sennheiser hd 280 pro's for $65 on ebay   love'em    32 db of noise attenuation   replaceable parts    light weight 
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