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Did you try a different usb cable or try a different computer?
have you heard of fiio products?   $350 could get you the fiio X5   it can read DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, and WAV,plus has dual micro sd slots for 256 gigs
the fiio e17 is battery powered and charges via usb.(also the e07k and e7)
what is your budget? have you heard of fiio products? maybe the fiio e17 or e07k.(both portable dac via usb,and amp)
Here's an idea,maybe this could work
rpgwizard mentions some good bass heavy headphones in this thread
This might help,particularly rpgwizard's post
The XB500's were a popular "budget Basshead headphone",but were discontinued (the xb300,500,and 700) along with price gouging. Thus is the life of purchasing endangered headphones.   I don't think the new series is as good,though i could be wrong.  
Have you heard of the "creative aurvana live!"? (not series 2,series 1)   my only concern would be durability,if your going to be carrying these around. someone else might be able to comment on that.
If price range doesn't matter,you could look into the "old" Denon AH-XXXX line.  
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