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Boy, does this thread bring back some bilious memories.   If there is any justice in this world, Mikhail is stuck in the eternal elevator with naught but the the crazy frog song on endless loop.
Nope, just co-incidence. 
I have others but this one has been doing sterling duty for a while now:   Dunlop Systemdek Transcription (refurbed), SME Series III, customised Shure M75ED (Gyger FG11 stylus amongst other mods)    
Mmmm, maybe it's time I retrieved my old pair from the storeroom where they have been sitting for 2 or more years and re-acquaint myself with them.   They are indeed an interesting headphone which is why I kept them. As I recall they can sound pretty good with a decent source and amp but, comfort is a major issue; they tend to balance precariously on the top of your head forcing you into sit in semi rigor mortis while listening.   At one time I had it in mind to...
In every EL34 based amp I have owned my favourite tubes have been NOS Gold Lion KT77s (if the amp can take them) and Mullard XF2s; whether or not they will play nicely with the CS600 I don't know but it is worth looking into.
Sorry Sachu, I have only heard it once or twice in someone else's speaker system; far from qualified to make comments on what tubes would do it proud.
The CS600 takes 4x 6L6GC(5881) or 4x 6CS7 and 1x 6CJ3; very different from the CS300s 5751/12ax7 and EL84s
The Afzelia will go a bit darker in time and the gold flecks will stand out more. I did not do my best job on rubbing out the finish so I will probably take it off again in a few months and start from scratch.    
Hi Clayton, the wood is a bit of Afzelia burl that I had lying about. If you have the tools it's pretty easy to make your own panels.
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