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I bought a pair three weeks ago, I like them so far. Good treble, a fun sound signature and excellent comfort and isolation. All up an excellent choice for the plane, train, bus, or office.
I have recently tried all 3 of those and went with the T51p, it is the most fun of the three and is also the most comfortable. They are all quite different in sound and comfort though so might be worth trying them all out if you can.
All the songs I like. If they sound good, I like the phones. If they don't, I will curse the phones as the worst ever made.
Have you asked Taylor what kind of headphones he or she might like? That would be a good starting point. Also consider his/her head size and what kind of music (s)he will be listening to.
Bob Wills (Still the king) Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings Wayne Hancock Dale Watson
Not unbearable due to sibilance, no.
I gots my Beyerdynamic T1 beats on right now. What of it?
Foetus here.   Actually I've ben meaning to talk to the woman carrying me about the stock umbilical cable she's feeding me with -- lots of bass and treble, but where's the mids? The nutrition is in the mids! Can anyone recommend an upgrade?
Bought an iPod LOD from Anthony. Service was tremendous, he made it exactly as I wanted and it arrived exactly as described. Barqy is a credit to the head-fi community and I am one happy and satisfied customer.
I would like to add a couple of soul greats; firstly, Mr. Soul, the incomparable James Brown. He sure liked beating his wife, but he could suck every last drop of emotion from a melody like a 200-watt vacuum cleaner sucks dirt from a carpet; secondly, my fave singer of all time, Sam Cooke. He could do it sweet and clean, or he could get down and dirty, and he wrote nearly all of his stuff -- some of which are the most exquisitely-constructed yet deceptively simple melodies...
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