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Woops sorry about that. I misunderstood you. Weird the tips dont fit me. Way too tiny for my canals.
Im in the same boat. I got the meelec double flange a16 tips and the fit is terrible on me with my bassos. It basically dangles from my ears. It wont seal at all. 10 bucks down the drain. I guess they made these tips for people with ultra small ear canals.
Whats got you worried?I started using tenso recently and its been flawless. Top notch service.
The bassos are a fine iem. But jeez, its got the worst driver flex outta all the iems I have. Constant loud harsh driver flex from both ear pieces.
I finally got the S500 today.   One thing I noticed is that on bass heavy tracks, the headphones vibrate alot.  And the bass is all over the place.  Sounds very muddy/muffled.   Perhaps my the Bass EQ on the Poweramp app is a bit too high but, none of my IEM's seem to have issues with the Bass settings.   Any ideas?
It wasnt that bad at first but im noticing some serious driver flex coming from both sides. Might be all in my head but things sound muffled and dont sound as clear as I remember. Hope these dont get worse.
Is this better than poweramp? Im pretty satisfied with poweramp. Also I looked at google play and viper4android is written in chinese? Is my google play screwed up?
Amazon japan. Theres a more buying option on the right. Comes out to roughly 22 bucks.I just ordered one. My first headphones. Have used earphones and inears exclusively my whole life.Go get em boys.
Unfortunately its not 21 shipped. That would be a dream come true.Itll be about 31 dollars with shipping and tenso fees.
Looks like the jvc s500's have dropped to about 21 US dollars. Ive never owned headphones before....just in ears. The iems ive used are the carbo bassos, ath cks99, etc. Should I bite? Worth it??
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