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 Overly genital? I should certainly hope not! The very idea.   
If they were produced around 1989, wouldn't they have the flat back? Yet I'm sure I've seen a picture of one with a rounded back   The mystery goes on.
I highly doubt it too, especially if you think the 880 has non-existant bass. The 880 has very good bass (check any FR graph) and burn in will not bring it up much if at all. It will probably tame the highs slightly, but slightly would not seem to be enough for you. I'd return them and take a look at a Senn HD650.
I'm not sure I follow why not liking the HE-400 means you have to go over to closed phones.
It will probably affect sub bass, but if that doesn't bother you I wouldn't worry.
Well put, Steve. I listen to classical almost exclusively and feel the same way. Recently I was tempted to grab a T90 off Ebay but thought, Why? What would I be gaining? The 880 is so balanced and neutral. A few details might become clearer, I might get a slightly more in-focus picture of the soundstage, but would I lose that intrinsic satisfaction the 880 provides, the satisfaction that comes from the knowledge that while everything may not be perfect, it's still probably...
"Oh yea and it's the PREMIUM version on NCIX by the way, not the inferior PRO version."   And who, pray tell, told you that the Pro was inferior? It is of course the same phone.   Otherwise, very nice review, though the font could be a touch larger for my aging eyes. And, oh yes, I'm very pleased to hear that you have 'a ton of hairs'.
 Nice try, but sorry, there'a no way "it's incredulously more comfortable" is a sentence. You may be 'incredulous' about the increase in comfort (though it would be better if you were 'astonished' or 'delighted'), but  the comfort cannot be "incredulously" more. However, let's not get hung up on it. There are headphones to discuss .
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