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  The first part of your post references what I was saying about the difference between being able to detect a difference whilst straining to do so, and just listening for pleasure at home. Indeed if the difference is so minute that one has to learn to listen and even then can't detect it, as many (most?) can't, then I suggest it's insignificant. As for your last sentence I would ask, is that regardless of current amp or budget?
Say, you've given me a great idea! All these years of just posting in the appropriate threads, and what has it ever gotten me? Now I'm going to tell everyone in every thread how great the Beyer DT880 is.
 I've heard both and couldn't tell any difference. That's with a good quality stereo amp. Probably with the right amp the 600 ohm does pull ahead, but the right amp is likely to be out of most people's reach. Remember that the DT880 is a typically under $300 phone. I'm not, and most people are not, willing to spend another $500 and up to get it to sound its best. Therefore we buy the 250 ohm version, which would seem to be the ideal compromise: good sound without having...
  I've never heard anyone suggest that the Manufaktur models have better sound. To my knowledge it's only ever been cosmetic. Personally I don't even believe that the 600 ohm model is superior to the 250 ohm model, so there you go.  
On the question of smoking, it isn't just the cancer risk but the fact that it makes you damn sick. I couldn't lie on my back until I stopped smoking; I would get an enormous headache. Smoking is one of those things that's just so plainly injurious to health generally you don't need the threat of cancer to encourage you to stop.
But honestly, tell me that the difference seriously impedes your enjoyment. I mean, like, one minute you're air conducting or air guitaring or whatever, and suddenly you think, 'Damn, if only I'd downloaded this in Flac instead of 320 MP3 it would sound soooo much better. I just can't enjoy it like this.' And if so, wouldn't there be just a little bit of self confirmation in it? I mean so many people with good ears can't hear any difference whatsoever. Maybe you and some...
No one has as yet addresssed my point that whether or not one can discern a difference under test, it's unlikely to be of great significance in everyday listening. The point is, do we sit listening for the minutest difference, or do we get involved in the music? And please, don't tell me such minute differences are the very point of hi fi. They're the point of constantly changing equipment in a state of permanent dissatisfaction, not hi-fi.     There may be discernable...
  Hmm. I'm not sure I want to take part in that test.
 Just a humorous reference to the film "Death in Venice," about a composer, said by some to represent Mahler, who spends the film perving on a teenage boy (Mahler's music is used throughout). I'm sure the poor man would spin in his grave if he ever saw it, apart from the fact that it was incredibly boring. And now, back to headphones....   
 I wouldn't. The files are too big and unwieldy, and take too long to transfer from one medium to another. Plus there are too many media players that just don't accept lossless. Nope, it's MP3 for me all the way.
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