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He's working toward his Headphoneus Supremus degree, and every little bit helps!  
Dynamic range issues?
 And don't forget, jdpark has GUARANTEED that an amp will cure all your problems, which of course means that if it doesn't jdpark will happily--happily, I say--reimburse you for what you've spent. Now that's an offer no one could refuse.  
  If your Panasonic SC-PT750 really puts out 1000 watts I'd hang on to it as it may become a collector's item. Most such units barely put out 10 watts, so yours has obviously been supercharged. Approach it with caution.   
 What, no one's mentioned Beyer DT880? Disgraceful.
Don't know if anyone's made this point yet, but it's one thing to take a proprietary driver and plonk it in a plastic housing and whack a circle of damping material around it and quite another to spend weeks, months or years refining a specific design--that is, taking a good driver and making sure that it's so housed and damped as to perform to its ultimate potential. There are endless permutations. Change one thing and you might have to change several other things to...
What is 'a regular headphone jack'?
  Sorry for asking, but what's IndecentLevi doing these days? 
 If the 600 are anything like the 650 I think I know what you mean. When I switched from the 650 to the LCD-2 the first thing that struck me was how spread out and divided the instruments seemed, when the 650 presented them as a pleasant, inviting wodge of sound. With the 650 it was like the players were all seated quite close together in a group so that they never extended beyond 10 to 2. The LCD-2 presented individual players in a spread out acoustic, and at first I...
  That's true in general but not in this forum. In any case, since the music is transmitted through sound it's rather difficult to separate the two except as a trick of the mind, which most people have managed but we haven't, or why else would we be posting here? Obviously the sound is important to us, probably too much so.  That said, I still think the closer you get to a realisic sound (to you), the closer you get to the music, and table radios be damned.  
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