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 I don't speak French.
  I'm a grownup who's been involved with audio for 55 years, but I still like a bit of rough talk on the forum.   
As I said, 'the general opinion'. No statement on Head-Fi will ever go unchallenged.   I was secretly hoping you were going to say that the 600 ohm blew the 250 out of the water. What a bitter disappointment.
 With that level of equalisation you're effectively making them into different phones. Might as well start from the beginning with a different phone altogether.
 No, I'm in fact referring to veteran, very experienced head-fiers. The general opinion among those who've owned both, including yours truly, is that there is no appreciable difference, which of course is not the same as saying there's no difference whatsoever. People here are always exaggerating differences in order for one headphone to blow another out of the water. Head-Fi is a very violent place.  
 Sorry, you're saying there is a difference, then you're saying maybe there is, maybe there isn't. I'm confused. The general concensus is that there isn't any real difference, although to some degree it will depend on the amp. .   
You see the area from 3--5khz? That is why you prefer the HD650 and find the HD600 too forward and harsh. And I agree completely. I could never abide the 600 but used the 650 happily for 3 years. Believe what you ears tell you.  
  Yes, I'd like to second that. Argyris is one of those rare posters who can manage prolonged bouts of sanity, and we're all the better for it. Whenever I think Head-Fi is becoming a pool of pap, Argyris reminds me that it's still worth coming here. He's also one of the posters I would most like to meet in the flesh, as wild a fantasy as that may be.   
So tripping on crack is a blast, eh? You should be ashamed.
  I didn't even know Jean Cocteau had a twin.  Agree with you about the 880 being awesome; it certainly performs way beyond its price range. You mention the Stax 009--have you heard the two together? I'd be interested in a comparison, though I wouldn't of course expect the DT880 to win in any category.
New Posts  All Forums: