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Thanks for that. I have no specific comment on your tastes as I've either never heard of or never heard most of the people mentioned beyond the first three lines; my tastes are nowhere near as catholic as yours. It's great you're so inclusive; I'm decidedly exclusive. Never mind. Perhaps in the next lifetime...   One thing's for sure: your opinion of headphones is going to be reliable over a wide range of genres. There's nothing worse than reading a long review of a...
Brooko, could I ask what kind of music you listen to? No doubt it's been mentioned, but I missed it.
But first consider how much money you'll save if you go with first impressions. 
  You must enjoy room reflections with your picture. We have 3 TVs--2 LCDs and 1 plasma. The best picture to my eyes is one of the LCDs (an LG). The Samsung plasma is OK but reflects everything in the room. If you want to check your hair it's great, but if you want to concentrate on the movie...well, not so much.
 I did that and they ended up with that just-washed-and-I-can't-do-a-thing-with-it look. The fur just won't sit down. That's how I ended up buying new ones. 
Well, get ready to poke your eyes out with a rusty fork in the near future, because plasmas are going the way of the Dodo. 
  Wow, that sounds like just what we're all looking for. Not!   I can certainly understand people experimenting with cheaper pads. I'm still smarting over the $57 price here in Oz.
 What's all this eye-rolling? You'll do damage to the retina. Plasmas can eat up 3 times the juice of LEDs and I literally can't see that it's worth it. As for Class A amps, same thing. I've owned switchables like the Marantz PM80 and could never pick between A and A/B. Class As are good in Winter because you don't need a heater. Otherwise I think their advantages are arguable at best.
I'd say the jury's out on that one.
 Counting down, are you? 
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