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Don't get either. Get the DT880 250 ohms.
  True, but in that case the DT880 is revealing congestion rather than creating it. Can we really blame the 880 for maybe showing up something some less accurate phone doesn't?
  Funny, I've never noticed any congestion even in the thickest orchestral action, and I'm not even sure about the recessed mids part. It's been debated before, of course, and the concensus seems to be that it's relative. Listen to the 880 straight after a mid-centric phone like the HD650 and yes, you do feel the mids are a little reticent. But listen to the 880 on its own with a range of music and that impression fades. Then listen to the HD650 again and you think,...
  Be assured that when I feel an itch outside classical/orchestral, I'll scratch vigorously. Until then...
I love the drama in these threads. Who needs Foxtel?
And if tubes are out of the question (for reasons of light, heat, general convenience)?
I briefly considered this move (from the DT880 Pro) but rejected it due to general agreement that the T90 is brighter, which I don't need. I wonder what you feel your 880 is lacking that the T90 can provide?
  Well, you lose a point for assuming a degree of boring where it doesn't exist. However, you gain a point for correctly writing ..'to each his own' rather than 'their own'.  So you end up even.
  No need to feel sorry for me. I've never felt the need to move beyond classical and orchestral soundtracks.
 Those are certainly 3 basic types, though of course they don't represent all types. There's also of course the basshead, who spends post after post discussing low bass/mid bass/high bass without seemingly noticing any other frequency range. There's also the guy who likes punch and balls in his sound and goes straight for Grado--neutrality is a foreign country to him. I'm like you in that I've tried all 3 basic types and ended with the DT880. To my ears it just lets more...
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