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But the big question is: what are popcorn ceilings?
  Wow, I've never heard the 880 described as overpriced before. Having tried just about every mid-tier phone on the market, I found the 880 the best for my ears, and I only paid $235. Admittedly they've gone up since then, but overpriced...?
Disagree. To me the 880 excels on classical for 2 reasons: 1. It's extremely neutral. The lack of colouration was the first thing I noticed about it. 2. It has a slight dip in the lower treble. To me this makes it more pleasant with massed strings, especially on less than perfect recordings. I could never get on with the 650 when it came to massed strings; it always had a wiry, harsh quality (the 600 even more so). Brightness has nothing to do with it. If I could...
    Agree on classical. The 880 is the best mid-tier headphone I've tried on classical, and I've just about tried them all (I owned the 650 for 3 years). Say what you will about the 880 on any other genre, but on classical it's a winner.
  If you stayed clear of Beyer, I'm wondering how you know you've made the best choice.
I think Shaffer may have been stalking you, Cadcam. He seems to know more about you than you know about yourself.
To be serious for a moment (but only a moment) I think it's a mistake to try to rigidly restrict subject matter. If someone keeps posting about their hot car or their rose garden, then yes, it's appropriate to remind them that this isn't a car or garden forum. But a discussion about how long to audition unappealing headphones before giving up and offering them for sale is hardly OT in a headphone forum. We're a mixed bunch here from different countries and with different...
  Wow. My head hurts. 
 Stuck for entertainment? Well, I could juggle 4 oranges whilst balancing a broom handle on my nose. I could solve a Rubik's Cube puzzle in 14 seconds. No, wait, I have a DT880 Pro--maybe I could talk about that. Nah, too boring...    
And good riddance, Sir!
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