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Good luck with the scissors.   You could try those hole stampers they use for ring binders.
 Haven't had experience of them but apart from anything else they have no holes in the back, which, given jerg's experiences with the jergpad, would rule them out straightaway. IOW, they won't sound the same.  
  So how do you explain that my pair of (virtually unused) headphones sounds distinctly brighter than my well worn in pair? Or that headphones distinctly change sound even when left to play music in a cupboard or drawer, so that you don't actually get used to them? Not challenging you, it's just that I've heard this very easily refuted 'get used to' argument so many times yet no one ever seems to take it further and explain how a headphone not listened to for many hours...
 The 650s certainly take time to burn in (I've owned them) and so do the 880s. I bought a second pair of 880 Pros as backup after using the first pair for 9 months or so and the sound is quite different--quite a lot sharper and brighter. Anyone who says burn in doesn't exist is crazy in my opinion. It doesn't happen with every phone, and it doesn't always happen to the same degree or in the same time frame, but it does happen and it is real. I've been in hi-fi for 50 years...
 You didn't buy those cheap Chinese pads, by any chance? The $10 ones? They've got no holes in the back.
Sounds like the worn pads were changing the normal sound and what you have now is the way it's supposed to be. If you look at the graph of a 990 you see raised bass. Sounds like what you need is an 880.  
I thought it was called redundant 'of'. 
 OK, if you're an Aussie how come you say "off of" instead of just "off"? I usually identify Americans by that syntactical distinction and now you've ruined my whole system. (sniff)    
  Wow, is that 10 times better than the HD800? 
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