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 You sound like Goldilocks. You don't find the T90 too bright?
  Hmm. I think wiggyfifes just put his finger right on it.
This should answer at least half your questions:  
Guess I'll just have to suffer second-best with my Pro.
 In what way?
  The Marantz receiver will drive either version just fine, but I'd suggest as a matter of practicality that you get the 250 ohm version. Sounds just fine and is more versatile.  Bend the headband in slightly--problem fixed.
  The DT880 doesn't sound pleasant? I find this particular raw truth to sound extremely pleasant.  Yep, that's some huge problem you've got there.
  What you're seeing there could as well be sample variation. These graphs are useful for getting an overall picture, but not for studying and comparing every little dip and blip.
 With proper planning a dog's breakfast can be transformed into the cat's meow.
Tyll has the use of any amp he wants.   What I would do is find out the enquirer's budget and current amp. It's quite likely that, assuming he doesn't own anything exotic, the 250 ohm will sound just as good as the 600 ohm with his current setup.   Frankly, there are so many factors at play here. I recently discovered that I prefer my DT880 Pro with older, more compressed earpads, bringing the driver slightly closer to the ears. This cuts down upper treble and...
New Posts  All Forums: