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 That's a most delicious opinion; I'm actually salivating. Also spot on. I do wish more posters recognised this simple fact and stopped making 'subtle change' amp and source solutions to people who clearly just hate the sound of their headphones top to bottom.
Not until we correct this sentence:   'Your opinion "speaker amp headphone jacks are better than dedicated headphone amps"'   That's something I never said. What I said was:   'the better speaker amps are capable of equal or even better performance with high impedance headphones than many dedicated amps'.   If you can't see the difference I suggest you attend a debating class.
Sorry, but I have to say rubbish to the above. First, my headphones are not low impedance. As stated, they are the 250 ohm DT880 Pro. Before them I had the 300 ohm HD650. Low impedance doesn't come into it. (And incidentally, 90% of headphones are not low impedance. I suggest you pulled that figure out of your backside, much as I dislike that expression). And are you seriously saying that headphone jacks on speaker amps are not designed for headphones? So why does it say...
After 50 years experience with audio I'd have to say I can certainly hear differences in amplifiers and they're not always subtle. (Well, they would be to your average Joe. but we're supposed to be, audiophiles). Using DT880s I can plug into different amps and know within a minute whether I'm going to be able to live with the product or not. Now of course someone will say it's probably because of different output impedances, but I doubt it. Most...
I'm afraid you're going to have to remain vaguely unhappy, nicholars. But you do get points for persistence. Quite a few of them, in fact.
 That could indeed be the case. And if I were to reply I fear I'd be doing the same.
Flattery will get you everywhere. 
 No, I didn't mean I'd never heard of 95% of the companies mentioned, but that I was unaware that those companies produced dedicated HP amps. They seem to have been keeping their lights under a bushel. I'm glad you think I seem knowledgeable. It means I've been successful yet again in hiding my ignorance.
  Thanks for the heads up on these products, as I confess I'd never heard of 95% of them (nor cared much really). I can well guess why they're being produced, however, especially in the case of majors like Marantz, and it's not because they think the headphone outs on their integrateds and receivers are crap. It's because they see a market, and the market is...well, you actually,,,that is, those who believe unless something is dedicated to a purpose from conception it...
Really? Perhaps you could reel off a list of them for us.   Don't use up all the bandwidth though. 
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