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  And as you see, I replied in a jocular manner.
 Only to Grado headphones.  And now Beyers too, apparently. But the wrong ones.
  Hmm. That must be why I've always been considered a square. I'm just not well rounded enough.   And here I thought Head-Fi was the one place I could safely escape alcohol and football references.  
  I know this isn't relevant to the thread, but could you explain what you mean by this? I don't get it. 
Wow, I've never seen so much modesty, maturity and temperance all in the one thread. Should this be stickied?  
 I don't know, SP. I'd take you for at least a seven year old even during your wildest rants.  
 You think they're underrated? Could you expand on that? They do get quite a bit of praise.  
  lol. I think you just nutshelled the whole problem with forums.
I wouldn't believe those 'flavour and life' comments. The consensus here in numerous threads is that, with typical equipment, they're virtually indistinguishable, and since the 250 ohm is easier to drive and match to most reasonably priced amps you're probably better off with that, initial price notwithstanding.  
  And Grado haters are like a cult in their revulsion.
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