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 Actually I wasn't aware that my post came across as rude. In fact I actually acknowledged (without irony) that your post did us all a service. If it seemed rude then I apologize. It was intended merely to prod you to clarify what to me seemed a little unclear.  Meantime, I seem to have become the resident ogre around here. And here I thought I was such a nice guy.  
 Oh dear, here we go again. Now I don't understand your last sentence.
I'm a bit xkonfuzed. So you're telling us in a Beyer thread that you don't like the Beyer sound, which is apparently "more rumble than impact, a lean, somewhat recessed midrange and bright treble", and that we shouldn't buy Beyer IEMs because they sound more like Sennheiser, which apparently you love. Well, I guess you're doing us a service really, even if I can't agree with your description of the Beyer sound (at least, not the 880), but I still have the feeling I've...
Sorry, I already have two pros. I swap them around in case one feels lonely.
Actually I'd go higher, to $500--$600, at least for classical. But don't tell Beyer I said that.
There are some great CD performances, but I mentioned Dudamel and the youth orchestra because there's a You Tube of them at one of the proms concerts where they just play the roof off--not just note perfect but a performance that's absolutely on fire. Great to see such brilliant results from a state-run youth program.   And now, back to headphones...    
 For me his Symphony 10 is the greatest. Quite an experience to watch this being played by the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela under Gustavo Dudamel. What a performance!
My god, you really do learn something new every day!
  Sorry, I don't understand this post. What does 'great to molest as a thing' mean? And what is 'jouice'?
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