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 Nope, have to disagree there. As a classical listener (and full symphonic stuff is the hardest to get right), I would say the 880 is one of the great bargains, capable of some truly jaw-dropping moments with a half decent recording.  No, it would make the sibilance worse. What you need is more compression on your pads to bring your ears closer to the driver. So get out there and start jumping on those pads for all you're worth.
Fascinating post, Argyris, as usual from you. And you've given us so many things to ponder. Here's my take:   Pad deformation can indeed have a very noticeable effect on treble (I have 2 DT880s with different degrees of deformation). No doubt about that at all. After 4 years your pads will be well worn; it might interesting to invest in a new pair and do a comparison for us. It's a too little discussed subject, and in my view has more effect than most changes of...
  A couple of small points. I can't see how the Premium looks nicer. To me they're equally attractive. I prefer the coiled cord; no more getting the phones ripped off my head. Clamp force is easily adjustable by slightly bending the headband. Voila! $100 saved.
  And if that person reads this thread you may get a poison pen letter very soon.
I'm just wondering what they're writing about in the Headphone Amps Forum. Headphones probably.  
Well, they're probably wonderful, but at around 3 times the price (imported to Oz) they'd need to be.
 Totally agree with this, though I don't hear any distortion or unlinear bass (nor does the bass measure so).
  Completely. First, I think the title should have been followed by a question mark. Second, your first three lines after "Then I'll detail..." describe a pretty typical discussion in most Head-Fi threads, so I can't really see a problem. If anyone makes any kind of statement that seriously reflects their opinion it should be seriously discussed, even if it goes against the concensus view. No, I don't think anyone would seriously entertain the view that the HE-500 is a...
 This is a strange post. Is someone not allowed to dislike a popular headphone and say so? I think you'll have trouble getting the mods to lock a thread where people are having a civil and useful conversation.  Originally Posted by gauchotodd  Yes, we can recognise Latin. It has an aquiline nose.
  Could you elaborate on that? I'd like someone to convince me that my hearing isn't totally whacked. As I've said before, I'm happy to believe that a few small mods put these phones in a different class. I just don't accept that mods of any kind should be necessary to get a $500+ phone to perform at its peak. 
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