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  The 880 was boomy sounding? That's a first.  
Actually I can answer that straightaway, since I was able to rip the pads off a near-new 880 I bought as a backup.   I wasn't expecting a change, so was pleasantly surprised to note that the sound seemed smoother, with slightly better inner detail. Now whether there was a subliminal expectation there I don't know, but often these first impressions, before we start to quantify them, are the truest.   It's logical, I suppose. Beyer would no doubt have done a lot of...
Which means I guess that you're one notch down overall, since comfort is as important as sound.   I've just ordered a new set of earpads for my 880 at a cost of $47 all up, which is totally outrageous and ought to be investigated (and this is imported from the US; locally they're $57). I took a close look at the cheap Chinese replacements but could see they had no holes in the underside, which, given jerg's experimentations with the jergpad, would easily be enough to...
They haven't arrived yet?
 Just apply the thumb and forefinger method to the Pro's sprung steel headband and viola!'ve got a Premium and saved a mint.
One wonders what changes these established models go through anyway as far as parts suppliers etc. What made me wonder here is that these units are described as "new" (not referring to condition), which is a little odd when the current iteration dates from 2003. I thought I might have missed a revamp or something.
No, I'm talking about new packaging on established models--DT990, 880 etc. Just wondering if the packaging signifies a change in the phone design itself.
I notice all the new Beyers on Ebay here in Oz have new design packaging. Anyone notice this? Anyone know if it signifies any changes in the design of the phone itself.
 Most say no, even those who currently own both. The thing is, you take any two of the same headphone, same impedance etc, and they will almost always sound slightly different. I currently own two Pros and the don't sound at all the same. Why? One is much more burned in and has slightly compressed pads. And those are just two of the possible parameters that may change results. We won't even get into manufacturing tolerances. So when someone says, "My 600ohm 880s sound way...
  Not bad, but take a close look at mine. it was taken during "Be Kind to Upside-Down Cats Week". 
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