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Hard to tell from the graph. Obviously a bigger treble peak, but then the whole volume level is lifted except for the area around 1khz. I do wish Beyer could damp that peak though, in all their phones.      
 Muxamed, do you find the T90 very much brighter than the 880? The FR indicates that it is, but I'm wondering if that comes through subjectively.
I would second (third?) the DT880 for classical. I owned the HD650 and was never satisfied on classical. I've now had the DT880 for a couple of years and am sometimes amazed at how accurate and neutral it is--two qualities essential for classical. 
I'm coming back late to this thread, but I just have to second and third everything derbigpr has written above. So refreshing to see so much common sense all together in the one post; I'm only surprised no one has suggested it be made a sticky. Or maybe I'm not so surprised, since I've expressed similar ideas in the past only to be virtually shouted down as a hi-fi heretic. Hopefully after reading derbigpr's eloquent arguments a few more people will be inspired to overlook...
 I wonder if you could elaborate on that? I recently had a chance to get a used T1 for $660 (Oz $s) but couldn't convince myself it would be that much better than my DT880 Pro. Reviews of the T1 have been so mixed, with some people returning to their DT880s and a few people actually hating the T1 (I read one comment by a very experienced listener who thought the T1 was 'a disgrace'). Of course there are also a lot of raves, but how to reconcile the two camps? Is it the...
It will perform the conversion internally, since in my case it isn't plugged into a TV but a DVD player (used as a monitor). I would use the digital out, since I have a quite decent Muse dac, but as with many media players (and I've tried quite a few) I get a slight crackle between tracks with digital, and in any case couldn't subjectively pick between digital and analogue out.
Yikes, I think I accidentally killed this thread! Hang on while I get the paddles...   Was it something I said? Was it the mention of a media player, or MP3 files? Or no dac? I knew the MP3 thing wouldn't go over well, but two whole days with no sign of life...   What have I done! (grips head with both hands)
 Have you tried the headphones with the amp? Does it sound good? Does it distort? There's no great mystery here--I've used speaker amps for years with no problem. Hey, the reason they put a HP socket in the front of the amp is so (all together now) you can plug headphones in.
 No dac. I just play my MP3 files from a Kaiser Bass media player straight to the Ocean. Just checked on that Bugera. Here in Oz the only one available is from the UK and costs $60 inc. postage. There is a Chelmer 12AU7WA, whatever that is, for around $25. I can get the Electro Harmonix for around $30, so that's a possibility. Blast, I didn't want to over-capitalise on this little blue brute, having already paid full retail for it. Another $25 will put me over the $200 mark.
Was wondering if anybody uses the DT880 Pro with a Bravo Ocean. Wanted to replace the stock tube with something warmer, more lush, so I ordered a Tung Sol tube from a shop in Melbourne--which after keeping me waiting a month promptly closed up, shut down their website and walked off with my--and no doubt lots of others'--$25. I'm reluctant to spend another $25, or more, only to find that the replacement hardly improves on stock, or worse, is thinner and brighter.   Anyone?
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