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 Yes, I have an unopened pair of new pads, and I would expect a diminution (love that word) of treble from the foam filter. However, what I described is not just that. I spent much of last evening playing familiar material just to confirm that I'm not hallucinating, and indeed the improvement is real and nothing to do with a reduction in treble; rather we're talking very noticeable improvements in every area with the treble pretty much at the same level but far less...
 I find nothing wrong with the imaging in large orchestral works, front to back or side to side. I can place instruments quite precisely. I wonder if you could be more specific.
Here's a bit of a weird thing. Though I love my DT880 Pro the treble does get a bit tiring on certain recordings, and though I've tried various amps (yes, including one tube) none has really addressed the problem. So I thought I might try what I've tried with a couple of other headphones: cut a couple of circles of light cloth (in this case a cleaning rag) and place one in each ear cup. I expected a slight reduction in treble, as you would. What I got was a whole new...
Is the 400i actually an 'up'? I'm not sure. I chose my DT880 Pro after long comparision with an HE-500. After I'd sold the 500 I had a chance to buy another at an irresistable price and did another long comparison with the 880. Again I chose the 880. The beyer just seemed much more open and realistic to me (this is with classical/orchestral).
  Beethoven's Fifth?
  You realize of course that I charge.   For the record, what was the price? Here in Oz the price has shot up in the last year from around $275 typical retail to over $400, which changes the dynamic somewhat. They were always the cheapest of the 'mid 3' but now seem on a par with the others, even the Senn 650. Not sure why this is.
Biggest problem with the AKG is the peak at 2khz, which I find audible. Also, the 880 is clear smoother through the sensitive 1--5khz area.
 I use the 250 ohm Pro version. There's debate about whether the 600 ohm version sounds significantly better. I don't believe so, and most of those who've compared them seem not to think so either. The 600 ohm version is of course more difficult to drive, and sometimes dearer, which may affect your choice.
I can second DT880 for classical. Should be used with warm amp or good integrated with tone controls. Nad are a good match.
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