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  Are you aware that on Head-Fi you get a free HD600 for spelling 'complement' correctly? Needless to say not many have won.   
Not quite sure what that means, but I've read a number of comments from 600 ohm owners who admit they can't tell much difference. I've owned both and couldn 't pick between them. I currently have the Pro and feel no need to pursue any other version.
 I'm on the lookout for a cheap amp for the 880. I already have the Fiio E9 but find it a little sharp and unfriendly with the 880 and would like to try tubes.I was looking at the Bravo Ocean but it seems to have reliability problems. The Schitt Vali looks good but is too expensive here in Oz ($219) and thus poor value compared to the US. I notice you have the Fiio E11 and Aune T1 listed in your amps, How do you find those with the 880 (compared to what? you ask).   
 Interesting, as I've owned or own the DT880, HD650 and HE500 and the "wall-of-sound" effect is more how I'd describe the HD650. To my ears it's the most cohesive, homogeneous headphone of all, though in some ways that's its downfall. When I moved from that to the LCD-2 (Rev 1) I was amazed at the separation of instruments, the variety of tonal colour. The HD650 presented everything as a block, a wodge of sound. Very pleasant, very enticing (it took me two weeks to wean...
I've had the LCD-2 (R1) and HE500, and frankly I'm happier with the DT880, in sound as well as comfort. The LCD-2 was a quality sound, but closed in and lacking treble. The HE-500 I just couldn't get on with at all; it sounded harsh and echoey. On orchestral/classical music the DT880 is very, very hard to beat. In fact I'd go so far as to say that for that particular genre it probably represents the bargain of the century.
Well, you'd start off by saying, "The SR-207 sounds like this..." and go on from there.     (Sorry, couldn't resist). 
"Now, thanks to overpriced planars (Audez'e, I'm looking at you!) 2000$ heapdhone is considered kinda mid-fi"     Really? Do you have any of the  names and addresses of those who hold that view? They should be sharing their wealth.
"I hope that was the end of the problems for my pairs and I can finally enjoy them."   Well, you might hope so, but are you aware that all LCD-2s come with an inbuilt explosive device and timer, and that, going by the dates you've provided, yours is just about to blow?   No, I didn't think so.    
No, no. Your posts are like gold glinting in the sun. They should never be edited.  
You forgot 'bloody exorbitant' and 'you've got to be kidding--I'm not paying that for a headphone!'
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