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  Hmm. I'm not sure how to interpret that.
I hope you didn't let your new owners plug in that balanced cable.
  That may be true, but I saw a video the other day where a 21 year old guy hired a camera crew and fake bodyguards and pretended to be a celebrity. He was mobbed, people wanted to take selfies, and one guy even said that he felt famous just standing next to thisguy--who, I reiterate, was just a guy! So if it's not the water, what is it?   
  Well, you're pretty much stating the view that I encountered during my first run through. The difference here is that you're admitting you don't like to think about things too deeply, something those original posters failed to do.  The point here is very simple. The original concept of h-fi, and which pertains to its definition, is "the closest approach to the original sound". That is, that the transducer (headphone) adds or subtracts as little as possible to the sound...
 Wow, this sounds like an echo of me a few years ago. I thought I was stating a simple truism, only to be thoroughly reprimanded and informed that this was a very old fashioned idea, that in fact with today's differing genres audiophiles may legitimately prefer  any kind of sound. Mind you, I don't believe it, but lately I've been too frightened to stick my head up above the trench. Back in the day, like 1980 and before, there was no argument that a true audiophile...
 They're always the best kind.
 Really? Not to challenge you in any way, but given that both integrateds take their HP output from the speaker outs, and therefore the sound  going to the headphones is the sound of the amps themselves, it would seem that either there is a serious deficiency in the design of the amps (which I doubt, as I owned the PM6004) or else someone has sprinkled pixie dust on your 02.   Note that I'm basing this comment on the 300 ohm HD650, which should be immune to any impedance...
Ah. Mystery solved.
I suspected that but...just a couple of references threw me off.  
  Isn't that illegal?
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