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Which headband are you talking about? Pro is different to Premium.
  Those HD600/650 guys, they're serious, man. You mention other phones in there at the risk of your life. I saw a DT880 guy stagger out of that thread the other day with his shirt ripped, scratches all over him and a knife sticking out his back. 'I'm never going back in there," he said, just before collapsing. I would have called an ambulance if I'd thought there was any hope for him, but he'd stayed in there too long. However, there will be an investigation.  
  I thought this was the DT150 appreciation thread.
I can't help feeling that your first two paragraphs don't quite jibe with the last one.
 Not sure I buy that. Certainly burn in and ear pad deformation will have an effect on treble in terms of quantity, but quality is another matter. As I say, I didn't find the 598 to have too much treble (I currently use a Beyer DT880); I just didn't like the treble quality. Can't explain it, especially after enjoying first the 595 and then 650 for so long. I'd be happy to give a burnt in unit a go though, if the opportunity presents, but I doubt it would wean me away from...
I was a 595 owner, tried the 598 and didn't like the treble at all. It wasn't brightness; I just found the treble quite hard and piercing. I sold them after a week.
  Actually--and this is not well known so keep it under your hat, or headband as the case may be--but there is a race of beings from the planet Ergo living on earth incognito, who absolutely love these bumps as they exactly correspond with the dips in their skulls. In fact, several of them work at AKG. I spoke with one once, and he was adamant that the bumps must stay. "Bugger these Earth people," he said, in a most peculiar accent. "It suits us and that's all we care...
 Because the Beyer website is mostly gobbledegook.
So we can safely say that the Q701 has left an impression on you. 
  Dead on. One of the best tests of an accurate headphone is how well it handles different genres. It's easy to find this or that phone that plays to the strengths of certain genres, but try another genre and disappointment sets in. The 880 is underwhelming because it's uncoloured, as opposed to merely flat. When I first heard my 880 Pro that was what struck me most forcibly (ouch!). Yes, there was a peak in the treble, but otherwise the sound was remarkably uncoloured. No...
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