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Are you saying FR is irrelevant?
I had the 207 and found the treble too reticent, especially after a Beyer DT880. Actually I didn't find the sound any better than the 880 overall, which surprised me. Always wondered how much better the higher numbered Stax might be.
Mine seems to be on the top flap of the box under a thin barcode.
  On classical? I should have explained that I only listen to classical/orchestral. Probably the HE-500 has the edge with vocals, being more forward, but I found the sound quite dark and echoey, as if everything had been recorded in a cave. The DT880 is much more open, as if the sun had just come out. I've since found that it's capable with the right amp of an astonishingly realistic concert hall performance, way, way beyond what I paid for it (though prices have gone up,...
  It's easy, you just put one on your head, listen to a track and then put the other one on. Keep going until you get totally confused.  I did it for a week or so and ended up keeping the 880. Then, a couple of months later, unable to believe my own preference given all the praise for the HE500, I did it again and came to the same conclusion. The 880 is definitely an underrated headphone.
  The adult forum would be the same, only the headphones would be worn by curvaceous women wearing next to nothing.
  Them's certainly fighting words. However, after a recent simple mod to my 880 Pro, and listening to any half decent recording through a Beyerdynamic A1 clone, I do tend to wonder how much better the sound can get or even needs to be. The polarity of views has always turned me off the teslas, not to mention the lousy FR graphs (compared to the 880).
The foam filter is included with all genuine Beyerdynamic pads. Not with the cheap $10 Chinese pads (I bought a pair of those and they don't work, just in case you were wondering).
Is this question for me? If so I'm not sure I understand.
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