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  I found with mine that the magic wasn't there to begin with. I tried very hard to like them, but they sounded dull and unfocused and somehow resonant, like listening in a cave. Later I bought a second pair (used of course) thinking that I must have missed something, since they were being praised to the skies. Nope, still the same. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. Probably alright with vocals etc, but pretty average with classical.
 Hopefully you'll be expanding on these comments in the next few days/weeks. Hopefully also you'll soon be changing your avatar. I keep trying to brush that damn thing off my screen, and one time I sprayed it.
Speak for yourself. I'm still pleasingly hirsute. 
  Really? I don't hear anything.      You're not kidding! I just put the fire on for the first time since last Winter. Take more than Andrea to warm me up.
 I was much too polite to mention that. Plus I was grateful for it. Thanks for clarifying the photographic thing. It's a useful analogy. However I think the most valuable point your review makes is that a good low price headphone can provide long term listening satisfaction at its own level without the listener feeling he's missing anything. Of course direct comparison will reveal the inadequacies, but (perhaps fortunately) most of us never get to make such comparisons...
Does sound like a driver issue. Have you checked for hairs? Could the driver have been pushed in slightly?
lojay, terrific review and one of the most useful I've ever read, not least because it puts so much in perspective. I would only question what appears on the surface slightly contradictory: "the difference between the three headphones is night and day" and your photographic analogy. The first seems to indicate a vast difference in quality; the second that the DT880 is no worse than an imprecise, slightly out of focus version of the dearer phones. Or am I reading it...
Do we need "breezy nonchalance" in our headphones? Not sure.
 Bend the Pro headband. It won't snap. That will solve both the clamping and depth problem. Anyone who rejects the Pro because of the clamping force
If they weren't real wouldn't previous buyers have flagged it? The previous buyers seem happy. Besides, I've never heard of fake HD800s, and if there were any they'd probably be a lot cheaper than 899 euros.
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