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  So that's how your mind works, Bug. Next thing you'll be stalking frequency response graphs.  
A collar.
 Yes, they're great for classical. I remember comparing mine to the HE-500 when that phone was considered God's Gift to Audiophiles and thinking, this just sounds more like an orchestra to me. The combination of sound, comfort, build quality and price is pretty much unbeatable in the headphone world, in my not-always-humble-enough opinion. With a half decent recording and sympathetic equipment you can be sitting in the tenth row of any concert hall in the world every...
Never had any noises from my 880 Pro. I used to get creaking noises from a HD650, which was the plastic parts of the yoke rubbing together; a touch of oil fixed that. Maybe you could try that here.
Good advice, Organ. You don't usually think about it, but without receipts or photos you have no proof of ownership. I guess even with photos there's no proof you still actually own that item, or that it isn't a photo of a mate's equipment, but still, it's something. As for pets, yeah, that can knock you around. If I ever lost the upside-down kitty cat in my avatar I'd be too upset to worry about blinking headphones etc.
And that was because....
 And..... C'mon now, everybody... And... The DT880! There, that wasn't so hard, was it?
It's Christmas already then?   Actually I can do better than that. I once bought an HE500 for -$400 (Yes, that's 'minus').   How? It was $360 and came with two expensive cables which I sold on. Covered the cost of the phones + $400. I then sold the phones for a further $150 profit. I never did like the HE500. Like listening to the London Symphony in an underground railway. Jerg probably fixed that, but I don't mod $600 headphones, even when I get them for - $$$$.    
  Given that so many people, even experienced posters and reviewers, have reported that they hear little to no difference between the 250 and 600 ohm DT880s, I'd be interested to hear more detail about the differences you heard. Indeed, you seem to be indicating the two versions sound like different models, which is a whole new take on the subject. Interesting comparison of the 880 and 560, and nice to hear the 880 does so well in such exalted company (even if only the 600...
 Sorry, come again?  
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