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 I wouldn't. The files are too big and unwieldy, and take too long to transfer from one medium to another. Plus there are too many media players that just don't accept lossless. Nope, it's MP3 for me all the way.
 Something to look forward to indeed. I hope you're aware that in your previous incarnation you were gay.
To me the argument about lossless vs. MP3 is not whether you can discern a difference on A/B blind testing, but whether that difference is of any significance in everyday listening. It's one thing to pick differences on specific audiophile recordings under ideal conditions where you're being tested (as it were), quite another to pick them on typical recordings during private listening sessions to the point where they're going to mean a damn to your musical enjoyment. We...
  Ah yes, the French spelling of 'junk'. Nice to see an international flavour seeping into Head-Fi.   (Sorry, just amusing myself on a lazy Sunday afternoon). 
  Did you get shot halfway through writing that?
  Only tume will tell, I guess.   BTW, when are you going to write another symphony? We're all hanging out.
Ah, what a tangled web we weave   When first we practise to...   ...Compare headphone in theory! 
Have to disagree even with your qualifier. The bass measures well and sounds to me just right. I would not want more or less, tighter or flabbier. To my ears the bass never draws attention to itself, which is exactly what I want.
  I had my tag pinned on me by Currawong when I wasn't looking, and now I can't get rid of it. Any ideas?
 Nope, have to disagree there. As a classical listener (and full symphonic stuff is the hardest to get right), I would say the 880 is one of the great bargains, capable of some truly jaw-dropping moments with a half decent recording.  No, it would make the sibilance worse. What you need is more compression on your pads to bring your ears closer to the driver. So get out there and start jumping on those pads for all you're worth.
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