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 Do you consider age not relevant?
Which is why it's probably a good idea to use the Quote function.
 Disagree about the vanity. I think the Pro looks better, and I like the coiled cord and the fact you can unclip the headband covering and replace it for a few dollars. Clamping force can be fixed in 2 seconds: just bend the metal at the fork outwards slightly.
 This is a very important point, but you haven't mentioned the most important aspect of it: the loss of treble in the older age group. This is obviously going to affect HP choice, and as a 68 year old it will probably surprise no one when I say that I prefer the Beyer DT880 to the Senn HD650. There's simply no point taking anyone's recommendation on a phone when you have no idea of their age or even musical choice. I've bought phones in the past based on overwhelming...
This is to the administrators: is there any way the printed advert at the bottom of many posts could be moved down a line as it makes each post extremely hard to read?
Unfortunately these days that would comprise many parts. Checked the comments on YouTube lately? It's something, but it's not English, sometimes not even of the urban kind.   
For that price you'd be better selling it on Ebay and making a profit.
Anybody ever heard of the Queen's English? It works quite well for general communication, I'm told. Only trouble is, hardly anybody speaks it these days.   Anyone for Esperanto? 
Now this boy has a sense of humour. Rare.  
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