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  I've read too many reviews stating that the T1 is not a serious enough upgrade on the DT880, merely incremental. Even that the T1s treble is more annoying. Besides, I don't have a spare $1200.  
 Yes, it would seem a little mean given that you have no idea what my equipment is or what other systems I might have tried them on. I always found them hollow sounding. I described it at that time as making everything sound like it was recorded in a cave. Others have agreed, but it was pointed out that the jergpad mod fixed that problem. That's possible, but on principle I would be expecting HiFiman to be fixing such problems, not jerg. When I spend $700 on a headphone...
 Ameliorated by synergism. There's another catchy thread title. I never liked the HE500, and I had two pairs. I've no doubt they improve drastically with mods, but I don't believe one should have to mod an expensive headphone with one's own fumbling fingers in order to get the sound one desires. When HiFiman gets rid of that "chamber-like" sound, as someone earlier in this thread put it, then I'll reconsider them.  
Let's see...very hard to choose. At Number 1 I think I'd have to go with:   1. Beyer DT880 Pro.   2. This is a tough one, but again: Beyer DT880 Pro.   3. And finally, last but not least, Beyer DT880 Pro.   All this deciding has drained me, but it's been worth it.    
 Sorry, but your popcorn 's going to go stale. This inane conversation is now officially over, and not a moment too soon. .
  In another thread we agreed to say 'mid-price' rather than 'mid-fi'.
 That's a most delicious opinion; I'm actually salivating. Also spot on. I do wish more posters recognised this simple fact and stopped making 'subtle change' amp and source solutions to people who clearly just hate the sound of their headphones top to bottom.
Not until we correct this sentence:   'Your opinion "speaker amp headphone jacks are better than dedicated headphone amps"'   That's something I never said. What I said was:   'the better speaker amps are capable of equal or even better performance with high impedance headphones than many dedicated amps'.   If you can't see the difference I suggest you attend a debating class.
Sorry, but I have to say rubbish to the above. First, my headphones are not low impedance. As stated, they are the 250 ohm DT880 Pro. Before them I had the 300 ohm HD650. Low impedance doesn't come into it. (And incidentally, 90% of headphones are not low impedance. I suggest you pulled that figure out of your backside, much as I dislike that expression). And are you seriously saying that headphone jacks on speaker amps are not designed for headphones? So why does it say...
After 50 years experience with audio I'd have to say I can certainly hear differences in amplifiers and they're not always subtle. (Well, they would be to your average Joe. but we're supposed to be, audiophiles). Using DT880s I can plug into different amps and know within a minute whether I'm going to be able to live with the product or not. Now of course someone will say it's probably because of different output impedances, but I doubt it. Most...
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