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I notice all the new Beyers on Ebay here in Oz have new design packaging. Anyone notice this? Anyone know if it signifies any changes in the design of the phone itself.
 Most say no, even those who currently own both. The thing is, you take any two of the same headphone, same impedance etc, and they will almost always sound slightly different. I currently own two Pros and the don't sound at all the same. Why? One is much more burned in and has slightly compressed pads. And those are just two of the possible parameters that may change results. We won't even get into manufacturing tolerances. So when someone says, "My 600ohm 880s sound way...
  Not bad, but take a close look at mine. it was taken during "Be Kind to Upside-Down Cats Week". 
"That's what I did."  There, fixed.    BTW, MrEleventy. I'm still trying to brush your avatar off my screen.
I think what you're experiencing is the greater energy in the treble centered around 3,5khz. That was my objection to the 600 and why I prefered the 650. It gives more detail and a more forward sound but at the expense of a certain harshness--a harshness I couldn't abide for classical.  
   And yet there are those who've bought the T1 and gone back to the 880. And several reviews I've read seem lukewarm about the actual improvement, merely talking about a more etched quality. The FR for the two phones is remarkably similar, and while I'm not suggesting that that means they sound the same, it does mean that Beyer in producing a flagship have not managed to improve the FR at all. When a manufacturer produces a phone 5 times the price, I expect that it will...
 I won't be difficult and ask you what 'plinky sounding' means. No wait, I will! 
Fatiguing in what way?
Can I make a very simple suggestion? Get a good integrated amp with tone controls (Marantz, Nad, Rotel, Denon) . You'd be surprised at the improvement -2db on the treble and +2db on the bass can make. People talk about tube amps to tame the treble and warm up the bass, but frankly nothing tames and warms like simple tone controls. I often wonder what people have against them--or against integrated amps for that matter. I've never heard the slightest difference between a...
  And as you see, I replied in a jocular manner.
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