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  Hmm. That's a claim I wouldn't second if I were you, especially on your first post.
 Yes, this is a common problem. Set everything to flat and you feel you've lost the special magic these cans provide. I think the least you do to them the better. Cut the treble less than you think you need to. You'll be surprised how quickly you get used to a little extra sparkle.
  There's an important point here about audition, both the length and the conditions. I wonder how many of us have rejected headphones that might otherwise have been keepers or even end-game phones because we auditioned under horrible conditions or were in a bad mood or had a headache or whatever? I found out quite early in the piece that I could never decide from shop or show auditions, so I began to buy and re-sell used phones on Ebay. This gave me time to audition and...
Talking of loose sliders, on one of my sets (I have two Pros) the sliders went totally loose after a couple of years. I had to drill through and put small screws in to keep them in place. There's definitely a weakness there in all models, and Beyer really should have addressed it by now.
  Well, it's ostensibly for a different market, so maybe they take extra care with pros. I don't see many professionals being polite and forgiving about too-loose sliders and the like.  
  Very likely. However, I'm more interested in how they compare with the same amp. The fact that you mention scaling twice suggests that you haven't detected any other significant difference. Sorry to harp. If anyone else has an opinion on this subject by all means feel free.   
 Actually I was referring to the differences between the 250 ohm & 600 ohm phones. I'm still trying to get the definitive answer on whether there is any appreciably difference, as those who've owned both seem to be split down the middle--'couldn't hear any difference'---'like chalk and cheese'.
 And what other differences have you noticed, if I might be so bold?
 Now there's a statement that could use its own thread. Personally I find the 880 very smooth save for the treble peak, whereas I couldn't abide the K701 at all on orchestral music--it sounded strangely metallic to me (maybe due to the peak at 2khz). Each to his own, I guess.    
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