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  Actually it only took me a minute too, but I didn't want Shaffer to think I hadn't given them a fair go. 
 And the reason for that is....?
 And that means....? Actually if a phone comes within a certain orbit I'm willing to experiment and give it a go. The Momentum didn't. There are too many phones around today to waste time on those you know you're never going to like.
 Perhaps not that fascinating as who would want to listen to phones they didn't like for more than a few minutes, an hour at most? I've bought used phones too assuming they were burnt in and found otherwise. OTOH, I bought a new on-ear Momentum, listened for 5 minutes and sold it. Not worth persevering.  I'm a classical listener too. My experience is that I tried both the 600 and 650, preferred the 650 and kept them a couple of years but ultimately found them tiring, with...
Seconded. Original quality of the recording plays a far greater part than 320 v. FLAC. Too many recordings simply don't deserve or warrant lossless.
I wonder why this thread is dying on the vine. I'd have thought the news that a widely available, relatively cheap integrated that powers headphones so well would be cause for some celebration.
Get one of these from PriceJapan. Not cheap but...correct! And rather petite.
Unreasonable price. Plus I've read some really damning things about the T1 from veterans, and even the praise from fans doesn't seem to justify the price difference.
 Yes, a timely attack of sanity indeed. I've looked around at a possible upgrade but there seems nothing at a reasonable price, and not much at unreasonable prices. The 880 just plays way out of its league, at least with orchestral/classical/jazz etc, which is great if you want to upgrade to the 880 but downright frustrating if you want to upgrade the 880 as there's nowhere to go. I've looked at all the usual suspects, but when you get right into it there's as much said...
New Posts  All Forums: