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  So...maybe not worth saving up for after all? I've owned the 600 and 650 and currently own the 880 Pro. I listen only to classical orchestral music, and for that at least the pro is easily superior to both Senns, which sound thick and coloured by comparison. Some would still prefer the Senns, but not those looking for true neutrality.  
 True. There's definitely a far greater gap in price between top line and mids like 650 and 880 than in sound quality.  I actually think the 880 is underestimated. My phones are slightly modified in having a layer of flannalette placed in the cups (made a huge difference, no idea why), and I'm using a Beyer A1 clone, and the sound on classical is positively concert hall; I've given up my ambitions of moving to T1 etc. I don't think the true potential of the 880 has been...
 That sharp metal piece is only on the Premium, whereas I have the Pro. Besides, I only wear slip-on shoes. 
 It's a common problem that shouldn't happen but does. I tried unscrewing the mechanism but it's incredibly fiddley and there isn't much you can do without risking buggering the whole thing up. What I did was drill through and use a small screw to hold it in one position. Just makes sure it's the right position though, and of course when your wife or girlfriend goes to try the phones out they'll fall off her head. Only other alternative is to march on the offices of Beyer...
Unfortunately for you, or perhaps fortunately, the DT880 punches far above its weight, so you'll have trouble substantially improving on it for much less than $1000. However, since you're unable to define the areas of improvement you're seeking, it's possible what I just said is complete nonsense. 
  I think you may be disappointed. Though the 880 isn't a completely open can (or so Beyer tell us, though they never were an accurate source of info about their own cans) there's nothing about the sound to suggest it's anything other than completely open.  
 LOL.  A new fetish we're only just hearing about?
 Well, I'm 69, so I can fart with the best of them. No, wait, that's not what I meant....
 There's a lot of ol' fartin' going on here. This thread may have to be evacuated.   
  I hope she was aware of that before you posted it here, for all the world to see.  
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