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It's a very nice review even without a clear conclusion (which we always hope for, don't we?). I was especially interested in your apparent satisfaction with the Yamaha A-S500 integrated. Most people think they must use a dedicated HP amp or they lose all street cred, so cudos to you for sticking with a qood quality integrated. (I use the 880 pro with a Marantz PM6004 and get great results). I'm often amused to read in people's signatures that they have something like the...
Clearly superior in what way? Without knowing the nature of your dissatisfaction, if you are dissatisfied, it's impossible to advise.
 Really? That certainly flies in the face of received wisdom. Maybe you could elaborate.
Just as an addendum to my comments: I think you've exaggerated the difference in  appreciation level between 880 and 990, at least outside the classical music circle (which isn't very wide here anyway). There's heaps of praise to be found for the 990 everywhere, not to mention censure of the 880 for being boring and sterile (or maybe we're reading different threads). And as for why anyone would choose the 880 over 990, not everyone wants rumbling bass when that bass was...
  I presume you mean, why is the 880 preferred as a classical music choice? Answer: for classical a more neutral, even frequency response is preferred. The 990 has a considerably elevated bass and slightly more elevated treble. There's no law that says you can't prefer the 990 for classical, but many hundreds of attentive ears have come to a different conclusion. The 880 is certainly not lacking bass, only a mid-bass hump; the bass is there when called for. As for the...
Ah, the vagaries of modding! Is there ever an end?   Answer: No.   Which is why I refuse to mod anything.
That's why it's impressive. It's taken him 5 years to put it together. 
 Venered? Is there a modded 650 I haven't heard about yet?
There hasn't been a mysterious gas leak at the Audeze premises, has there?  
  So that's how your mind works, Bug. Next thing you'll be stalking frequency response graphs.  
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