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  I'm just glad you weren't tempted by your experience into exaggeration and hyperbole.
So, are you saying upgraditus doesn't exist, or that there isn't a psychological component to the improvements we think we hear? I don't think Me x3 was saying there's never any value in upgrading, just that what we read here and elsewhere tends to give us a false expectation of huge improvements that's rarely realized in practise. Personally I think as hobby warts constantly bombarded with hyperbole we need the sort of reality check Me x3 has just provided us.
  Hmm. Never were truer words spoken. But then, if it were not so, would Head-Fi even exist?
  Well, there are many ridiculous things in our society, but I wouldn't have thought using a well respected $125 headphone amp with a $250 headphone was one of them. And I'm sure many would argue with the classification of the Fiio E9 as a 'make due' (sic) device.
Just to drag the discussion down from these rarified heights, I've just bought a used Fiio E9 to use with my DT880 Pro. I wasn't expecting a huge difference over my Denon integrated and indeed there was none--no huge difference, that is. However, drums and most lower frequency instruments are noticeably better defined, even over my old Muse dedicated HP amp, so I conclude that the Fiio is indeed worth its price and perhaps a little more. Having heard SS amps like the...
There could be a number of factors at play here, but to relate my own experience as a once long-time owner of both 555 and 595: I naturally wanted to try the 598 and was also disappointed--in fact I se-sold them after a week.  I've always felt that Sennheiser got it very right with the 555/595 series and for me the new phones just miss the mark. I found the treble harsh--not excessive (I currently own a Beyer DT880 Pro) but just harsh, resonant...just not quite right. I...
Beyer DT880.
Very useful review. I own the DT880 Pro and listen to orchestral music almost exclusively so your review has confirmed me in my choice, but very interesting reading nonetheless.
  I decided that a long time ago. Now I'm paying the price.
 You sound like Goldilocks. You don't find the T90 too bright?
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