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OCD or lack of impulse control, whatever that might be called.
  I'd be interested to have you expand on the "music" part of that statement. Could you also include the type of music you listen to. A couple of thousand words will do. 
  Does that mean they're more comfortable? Sorry, my US dialect is a little lacking.
   Hmm. One might be inclined to ask how the initial audition (not like) led to the subsequent purchase (loathe) within the same product line. They do after all use the same driver and housing, albeit with different damping.     Are you saying the seller accepted a $220 offer but you subsequently agreed to pay $240? That's one of the strangest bits of bartering I've ever heard of. You must be one of nature's true gentlemen.
"I went right off into comparing 558s to 598s".   Sorry, I took it from the above that you had heard both phones and directly compared them.
What's your take on the 558 compared to the 555? I listened to a 598 a couple of years ago after owning a 555 for many years (I still have it) and was disappointed; the treble seemed harsh to me, and the sound generally lacked the sheer balance of the 555. I don't mean that the 598 had more treble, but that the treble was harsh, wiry. I don't mind generout treble and currently use a Beyer DT880.   To me the 555 and 595 are classic headphones. They had a unique mix of...
I think there is no best deal unless you absolutely like the sound; otherwise it's all a waste of money. I'd agree with Maokun135 about the DT880. It's not thin to my ears. When I owned a K701 I hated it--very dry, harsh sound. The Beyer is nothing like that. As for the Beyer lacking weight and dynamics, I don't usually site the herd for verification, but 99% of user reviews would contradict that. The 880 has an excellent bass response but no "bass bloat"--it doesn't...
You got an HD600 for $220? Wow.  
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