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Something I've noticed is that as the earpads wear and compress and your ears go slightly closer to the driver, treble decreases, an effect I actually prefer. Of course that means you lose some treble air, but to me the sound is more natural.
  You don't say! That's amazing. And something almost as common as tinnitus is deja vu.
The only 'similar sound' you'll get at the same price would be the DT880, which uses the same driver but different damping.  It will give you the same comfort level with a flatter, more neutral, less bassy sound. If that doesn't appeal you'd be wise to stick with the devil you know--and I don't mean your grandpa.
You obviously have no problems with tinnitus. Time will tell, however.
There's nothing on anyway.
  I did, and quickly moved on to the HD650 and then, as I got older and my treble tolerance increased, the DT880. Which is where, at 68, I fear my headphone adventure may be ending.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
Unless it's long distance. Then it can be quite expensive.
Does this mean that those of us who bypassed the 600 and chose different phones in the same price range and slightly above have made a dreadful mistake? Please tell me, as I'm having trouble sleeping.  
Well, I think the big toe on my left foot is 6% larger than the one on my right foot, but I can't get down to measure them. Can anyone help?
That's very disappointing. I was hoping to be taken seriously for once in my life just based on my Supremus rating. Now I'm going to have to think of something sensible to say, bugger it!
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