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I see why this thread was 'dead'. Its full of childish people who would rather attempt to amuse each other than actually do anything productive, or have an actual discussion rather than a comparison of bad humor. What a waste of time.
Now it would be a lie for me to say that the price of the VOICE is by any stretch of the imagination 'fair', however, assuming anything SAA writes is to be trusted, here is my take on why the company is to some extent reasonable: All headphones sound different, and each one 'needs' a different composition of materials to sound their best when it comes to cables. Such as some dark headphones being better with silver than copper to make a simple example. This is where I...
This sale is currently on hold, whilst I resolve some paypal related problems (I need to have the raise my receiving limit, and their customer service is absolutely incompetent). Sorry to anyone whom I haven't answered, I've had a lot of interest in these - I will respond, and update here as soon as everything is up'n running again. Shouldn't be long...
I'd like to purchase a mint condition Audeze LCD2 Rev2. I prefer the original version without the angled connectors. I'm located in the EU. Cheers.
Hi there, I can't for the life of me find the Audeze lcd-2 rev.2 thread, so here am, asking questions. How is the LCD-2 Rev.2 for electronic music? Electronica, ambient, house etc. - And if people can compare them to other flagship headphones for this, please do so (fx. HD800, HE-6 etc.). Thank you for your help :)
Could anyone comment on the LCD-2 for electronic music please? Primarily ambient, electronica and house...
For sale is a Denon AH-D2000, the one that just got replace by the in my opinion much inferior AH-D400. Its almost brand new and has no signs of use. I sadly dont have the original box, but it will be packaged well.
Up for grabs is an original V1 Symphones Magnum modded Alessandro MS2, with a braided pure silver plated copper cable (the original cable can be included/attached upon request). Its in very good condition, and sounds amazing! 
Hi there, up for sale is a pair of Sennheiser IE80's, they come with all original accessories, buds and packaging. The carrying case has a few minor scuffs, but nothing bad, and the IEM's themselves are in mint condition. They come with receipt and warranty (about one and a half year left or so I beleive).
Hi there, I'm having a hard time parting with these, but here we go. They are completely mint, like new, and come with boxes and receipts with almost two years of warranty left on top. SN16101. Price is 1000$ + shipping (insured and tracked)   I may be interested in trading with mint condition Audeze headphones, just ask. :)
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