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want my sony earbuds and 25 bucks?
terrific head fier nice to do business with
the best!
radio shack dx-398 with radio labs mods (see web site) includes new filters, rca antenna jack, new blue light, better speaker, and more amplified portable antenna terk advantage loop antenna for am dxing leather case original box and manual external speaker 399 shipped and paypaled....what a rig....
will front some cash too. Bill
Ray Samuels Tomahawk, burned in. Leather pouch to keep it, includes velcro back Ipod Lineout cable Shipped Free Paypal Free 325 Firm Let me know it will go fast... Bill
sold shipped....
i find the super fi 5 EB, though a bit large, fit my ears perfectly with the foamies...i dont even have to scrunch up the foam, just stick it in and turn a bit....sound isolation is excellent and i could wear them for hours...sometimes it doesnt even feel like anything is in there!. and the sound, as described in my previous post, is really that close, within a hair in my opinion, of a good full size phone. thats because of the little tomahawk, which opens up the...
seriously though, something as small as an ipod nano and a tomahawk, along with a lineout, ain't gonna need a lotta storage space...
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