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Quote: Originally Posted by mikeblas ContactEast doesn't seem to have a downloadable PDF; you have to surf and look at the individual items. (They're a bit odd, by the way: ContactEast is the same company as Jensen. They used to be completely different, then they combined catalogs. Now, they're Stanley Supply. I guess it's just a slow motion merger. They're a huge company, and I've spent thousands of dollars with 'em.) Of the tools you listed, I'd... I know they are the same "model", but the pictures look different, especially the stand. Are you sure that they are the same? Is the one in the second link newer/better? Thanks.
Hey, thanks for the insight, dude. I haven't ordered a catalog yet (which comes by mail). Is there a downloadably pdf catalog? Anyway, I've been browsing the contact east online shop, and I found some stuff by Weller. From the "Gettings Started in Audio DIY" page from the building a cmoy page It said that if I'm going to get a non-adjustable iron, "15W to 30W iron is just about...
hmm, good to know. Good thing I haven't opened it yet. Crap, then I'm gonna have to return it, right? Which soldering iron should I use then? What's the most common soldering iron (beginner audio DIY) used for building headphone amps from cmoy's to PPA's (and beyond that)? Is it under $50? What's the most commonly used soldering iron here that is under $50?
The only search result in these forums for it was in the cable gallery, and it went unanswered. Hey guys, I'm interested in started audio DIY, and I just got the Cold Heat Classic Soldering Iron/Tool. I haven't opened it yet. Will it work for building headphone amps from the CMoy all the way up to the PPA (and beyond?)?
Heh, some school in San Francisco, CA just started having chinese as a foreign language course. I digress, but I'm going to contribute something to the topic: I agree.
Yea, I'm looking for one too - but for Audio DIY (well, headphone amps) in general. Hope it doesn't cost like 50 bucks a year...
Haha, China... yea, you can get anything for a few bucks there... that is, if you know what you're doing, lol (I never know what I'm doing). Screw up one word of your chinese - up! Screwed. I have a couple of usb fans my dad got from there - two bucks for one of them, and one for the other... In America, the cheapest you can find is $15 apiece! He's good at haggling. It's no wonder we have an extensive dvd collection - all of which, are the original copies... yes............
sigh... same here... I stopped going eventually though.
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