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Hi guys, my name is Vince and I would like to provide a little background of my headphone-listening experiences. I remember only using my bro's headphones (the ones that wrap around the back instead of the top of your head) when I was little, and also the earbuds that came with the cd player (sony) he passed onto me. Then, when I finally got my own pair of headphones, my mom went out to some store and bought one for me (because my bro and sis had their own and I didn't)....
Quote: Originally Posted by flamerz Heh, sometimes I do pretend, because I don't want to be bothered. I hate when people pull them out of my ears with the cord. Sometimes it hurts, because they're so deep in, and I think that someday the wire on my iM716's will break due to the pulling. It happens almost once a day. Yea, those bastards... My sister did that to me once, but they were iBuds... Which reminds me - I should tell my sister, since I...
I go by this: If you feel pain or feel irritated, then you can hear it. If not, then you can't hear it. At 18, I can feel my ears starting to explode - it hurts. But at 19, it's like a dog whistle. I can't hear it.
Nah I'm gonna build my own amp. Cmoy first, if the small version of the PPA or the mini-cubed doesn't come out till then
I can hear nothing at 19, but I can hear it clearly at 18. I'm 15 yrs. old. For some reason, I think that the people claiming to be able to hear at 25 were susceptible to wishful thinking. Placebo effect. Nobody voted for 23 or 24! That means something. Remember that the higher the frequency it is, the click you hear in the beginning begins to get softer and softer. This is not what you should be listening for. If the song file (frequency) irritates you (after the click...
Quote: Originally Posted by WhiteShadow I hope you understand that the iM716 has a very low volume. So if you are using a portable player, you will most likely kill your battery life faster by trying to match the volume with your previous headphone. Don't worry, I've been researching about these headphones like mad for about a month now... I'm pretty sure I know basically all there is to it. Also, I never make impulse buys... I always do my...
So from that, I think that amazon's customer service is really good. I'll post first impressions in a new thread when the iM716's arrive. I'll post pictures, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by angler31337 Did you just turn down a GS1000? -Angler Relax, I'm only a newbie But yea those are grados... Oh wait I just did some research on them... What the... how can you afford those? $999 right? The most expensive Grado I've heard of was the RS-1... I guess I haven't been around here long enough... but I don't know if hanging around here is safe for my wallet
You probably shouldn't wear IEM's or even canal phones, because you need to be able to hear the ambient noises around you in your environment (while you are riding your bicycle). It's dangerous if you disconnect yourself from the world with these isolating headphones, because you wouldn't be able to hear an oncoming car or something.
wow, you must really like boobs
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