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Hey guys today I was listening to my earphones (with the inline volume control maxed out) and I was wondering how loud it would get if the iPod was at 100%. I turned the iPod to 100% really fast for barely a millisec. It hurt my ears, but my ears are fine. But did I cause any permanent damage to my iM716's?
I'm glad you settled on the iM716's. Remember to tell us how you like them!
Hohh man, I thought about doing that, but I have horrible acne right now. I'll take some pictures of the ears only soon, then I'll have a pic of my face from the front once the acne clears up, which should be soon. . I'm gonna do a church thing for the weekend, and my summer school starts on Monday, but I'll get the pics in asap.
he wants something portable, and I don't think those would exactly be portable... I think he's looking for IEM's. If so, I would recommend the iM716's.
Hmm... thanks, I'll think about trying different tips. Thing is, I'm kinda afraid of using foamies for the fact that they're not re-usable. How many times can you use them/how long does each pair last (for clean ears)? You can't clean them, can you? And will comply tips fit the iM716s? Sorry if I kind of hi-jacked this thread... Also, about the iPod color-schemed earphones... I live in northern california, and I see iBuds everywhere... So it's not really disliked, at...
Quote: Originally Posted by RaveWhip Well i think I just relized that the problem isn't really comfort, its not being able to create a good seal with my super.fi.3s. So, now disregard the "comfort" part, and please try to reccomend something that sounds great, and is easy to create a seal. And to the one who reccomended the grados- i've actually owned those before, but i really need something more portable. Oohhh so sorry, ravewhip. I didn't know...
Quote: Originally Posted by RaveWhip So the ER6is are bad? In terms of "comfort", yes. In terms of sound quality, aesthetics, efficiency, etc., no.
Quote: Originally Posted by RaveWhip What about the ER6i's? http://cgi.ebay.com/ETYMOTIC-ER6i-ER...QQcmdZViewItem He said that he wants comfortable headphones, and I don't think that the ER-6i's, any of the ER's, or even the iM716/iM616's are going to be "comfortable" for him. I mean I was going to suggest the iM716 at $70 (at amazon, but they just upped it to $80), but since you're looking for something comfortable, I'm all out of ideas....
kichu1979, very nice description! ... Also, I would like to add that I have heard that the um1's are more comfortable than the iM716's. This is my fourth of fifth day using these, and my ear canals (not far in the ear canal, but closer to the outside) are starting to feel a little bit inflamed. From the original post in this thread, I think you said you were looking for comfort, right? Maybe the um1's are for you then. However, I've heard people complain that...
Thanks, I know it's important to tell you guys these things So, based on my experience, I would recommend amazon to anyone (as long as they live in the places amazon ships to). Very good customer service.
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