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Etymotic ER-4P for $169 (Or, more preferably, the ER-4S, if you can stretch your budget by 20 more dollars) on Etymotic is the best choice ~$200 for classical music. And if it's good for classical, it's good for everything.
~$200? If you were looking at the 10 pro's, then the next best bet, under $200, would be the ER-4S.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigshot I have 3G, 4G photo, 5.5G and Classic. They all sound exactly the same from the line out. I prefer the 5.5 interface the best. See ya Steve They have different DACs. How can they all sound exactly the same If they all sound the same to you, then maybe being an audiophile is not for you. Save some money and stick with some iBuds
IMO, in order for a pair of headphones to be good for every genre, the headphones must be balanced/have a relatively (perceived) flat response, aiming for a "live", as-if-you-were-right-there sound. Such headphones would be the Etymotic ER-4S and the UE 10 pro.
Quote: Originally Posted by espire I just died a little bit on the inside. Note to self: Dvorak should stop for no YouTube video. What's with the "Indeed" avatars? I never really got that. I remember Duggeh having several.
TIMMEH!!!!! Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by john5220 No its actually seeing if Lil John is king of Kronk or is it Ying Yang Twins. Please note Kronk and Hip Hop is the best selling music in the world and its the number one listened to music in America. That should give you something to think of Please note that the majority of the world's population are not musicians. They do not have any musical knowledge, skill, or taste. It's like having America's Got...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 we're seeing if elephant dung, is in fact, king of all dung. I disagree. Ostrich dung, is in fact, the king of all dung.
ER-4S or 10 pro
Man, I would love to work at one of those companies and have a job that only requires me to read head-fi all day haha.
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