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The ER-6 and ER-6i provide the best isolation. The wires can be routed over the ear, eliminating microphonics. The cable can be worn under clothing, making it less likely that things would snag on them. EDIT: The quantity of the bass in the Ety's would be just right, but probably less than you're used to. The bass QUALITY, however (and also extension) is much, much better than you'd probably be used to. The bass in the ety's are tight, punchy, accurate, and reach the...
Sorry to resurrect a thread that is already more than four and one third years old, but ever since that one head-fi crash, the links to many of the old threads have been changed, so the link in the post above leads me to a thread about the iAudio M3. Wmcmanus, what is the thread you were referring to that discussed how to best amp the Etys?
How much are you willing to spend?
Quote: Originally Posted by lewislink This is where your bottom link takes people: Agh, right, that's because during the time head-fi got taken down for maintenance for a while, some of the links got changed... I gotta find that link...
Quote: Originally Posted by ingwe Don't forget to call your mom. EDIT: this is my 1,666th post. 1,666?? That means evil... plus one thousand... EDIT: but yea, as for something on-topic... Welcome to audiophiledom.
This review (not done by me) on Amazon may help: TAFB's review of Etymotic Research HF5 Portable In-Ear Earp... The review compares the hf5 to the ER-4P.
lol @ then first response But yea, the 10 pro would be the correct choice here.
Saw a fellow college student wearing a pair of dr. dre beats
Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong ^ I respectfully disagree. If it's good for classical, it might not be good for anything which would like a bass emphasis. Also, it might be fatiguing for long-term listening. Indeed, it seems like if it's good for classical, it's not good for much else. IMO, in order for a pair of headphones to be good for every genre, the headphones must be balanced/have a relatively (perceived) flat response, aiming for...
This won't help in the increased quantity of bass/warmth, but... Ety PtoS cable (ER4P-24) to convert your ER-4P's to ER-4S's. UE 10 pro's would have more bass quantity/warmth.
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